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Carbon and Nitrogen Elemental Analyser

Total inorganic carbon and nitrogen (TIC and TIN) and organic carbon (TOC) measurements are performed using a Costech ECS 4010 (Costech Analytical Technologies, CA, USA). This instrument is equipped with a double combustion/reduction furnace for flash combustion and automated simultaneous elemental analysis.

Routine measurement of carbon and nitrogen are performed on a variety of marine samples, such as deep-sea sediments, suspended particulate material, seaweeds and cultured algae. Typically, less than 20mg of material is required to measure sub mg levels of carbon and nitrogen with a precision < 10 %. Accuracy of the instrument is monitored using Chinese National Research Centre, Marine Sediment (GBW-07313 and GBW-07316). In addition to carbon and nitrogen, it is also possible to measure elemental hydrogen, sulphur and oxygen.

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