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Principal Investigator in Sea Ice Physics

Jeremy Wilkinson has almost 15 years experience studying climate related processes in the polar oceans such as sea ice dynamics, mechanics and thermodynamics, as well as deep convection and water mass modification in the polar seas. Jeremy is one of the most experienced observational sea ice physicists in Europe having participated in about 20 polar field expeditions, in almost all latitudes and seasons. His research has been performed from many different platforms, including ships, helicopters, airplanes and ice camps. Logistically his experience includes the planning, mobilization, participation and demobilization of the above mentioned platforms.

Jeremy is one of only a handful of people who have used Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in the polar oceans and is very familiar with this technology.  In addition he plays a crucial role in guiding technological development of autonomous polar instrumentation at the Scottish Marine Institute, including automatic weather stations, drifting buoys, tilt-meters and sea ice mass balance buoys.  Over the past five years he has deployed over 30 autonomous drifting platforms on sea ice and is highly experienced in the interpretation of data from these platforms. He has developed a high resolution oil spill model that can predict the movement of oil under sea ice.

Jeremy has substantial experience in large internationally funded multidisciplinary programmes such as ESOP-1, ESOP-2, CONVECTION, SITHOS and DAMOCLES.  Jeremy publishes widely in high impact journals. He is presently coordinator or co-PI on a number of UK (INUIT and ICEBELL), EU (ACCESS) and ESF (SATICE) programmes.

Jeremy is Head of the Sea Ice Group.

At the SAMS Jeremy is a member of the ...


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