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Professor Mark E Inall


SAGES+ Director and SAMS Principal Investigator in Physical Oceanography

I studied physics at Edinburgh University, polar oceanography at Cambridge University, and physical oceanography at Southampton University. I then spent three post-doctoral years at University of Wales, Bangor studying the mixing generated by non-linear internal tides.

I moved to SAMS in 1998 and now head the Physics Group and chair the Science Committee. I was on the original core team which set up the BSc (Hons) Marine Science programme and now lead and teach a fourth year module in Coastal and Shelf Sea Dynamics. I have many years experience in measuring turbulence in oceanic and coastal systems and publish widely on measurements of turbulence made on the ocean margins and in shelf seas. In recent years I have established an ocean turbulence measurement facility at the Institute.

Research interests:

  • Internal wave generation by tidal flow over topography
  • Deep Sea (Wyville-Thomson Ridge)
  • Shelf Sea (Malin Shelf, Iberian Shelf)
  • Coastal (NW European and Arctic fjords)
  • Internal wave energy decay and associated vertical mixing in above environments

Since 1 December 2015 I am Director of SAGES+.

At SAMS I am a member of the ...


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Other refereed publications

  • Rippeth TP and Inall ME (2007) Turbulent Dissipation of Coastal Seas, a response to "Observations of Biologically Generated Turbulence in a Coastal Inlet". Science Electronic Letters,
  • Inall ME and Rippeth TP (2002) Dissipation of Tidal Energy and Mixing in a Scottish Fjord. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 2, 219-240


Book chapters

  • Inall ME and Gillibrand P (2010) The Physics of Fjords: A Review. In Fjords Systems and Archives. (Eds JA Howe, WEN Austin, M Forwick & M Paetzel) 17-33 Geological Society, London ISBN (HB) 978-1-86239-312-7
  • Inall ME (2003) Fjordic Systems. In Marine Turbulence: Theories, Observations and Models 5 Cambridge University Press



Current research students

  • Matt Toberman (Director of Studies)

  • Sam Jones (Supervisor): Shelf edge exchange and the influence on coastal oceanography

  • Neil Fraser (Director of Studies): Impact of variable ocean/shelf exchange on glacial dynamics in SE Greenland


Past research students



Mark was closely involved with developing the entire physics curriculum for the UHI's BSc (Hons) Marine Science.

My contact details

Professor Mark Inall SAMS

Professor Mark Inall
T: +44 (0)1631 559 267
M: +44 (0) 7795 573475
F: +44 (0)1631 559 001
SAMS, Scottish Marine Institute
Oban, Argyll PA37 1QA, UK