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Tiree Passage Time Series: Oceans 2025 Theme 10, SO12

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Temperature, salinity and flow variability on the north-west European Shelf west of Scotland have been monitored by SAMS since 1981. Analyses are derived from a range of marine and atmospheric data sources which together comprise a “proto-observatory” of the European Shelf to the west of the Scottish mainland.

The main time series are from a current meter mooring which has been maintained on the northwest European continental shelf since June 1981 (the Tiree Passage mooring), and a hydrographic section repeated at least annually across the shelf at ~56°N since 1975 (The Ellett Line).

  • Click here to get live data from the Tiree Passage mooring.
  • Click here to download a project summary from March 2009.


Project details

SAMS scientific coordinator: Dr Mark Inall

Technical staff: Colin Griffiths

Duration: 1981-present

Funders: various, currently Oceans 2025


Recent publications

  • Inall, M., Gillibrand, P., Griffiths, C., MacDougall, N., and Blackwell, K. (2009) On the oceanographic variablility of the North-West European Shelf to the West of Scotland. Journal of Marine Systems 77: 210-226
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