COVID-19: Student Support Services

Please know that help is available and SAMS is here to support our students in every way possible.


Internal SAMS support

Our student support service staff are here to help and support you through what is a difficult time for many. If you have felt unable to talk to family and friends but need to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant contacts below:


Student Support Services


Undergraduate and ACES+

Polly Crooks

Academic Registry Officer

01631 559335

(Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm)


For Postgraduate research students (MRes and PhD) please contact:

SAMS Graduate School (Mon-Fri)

01631 559427 (Mon – Weds)


Student Counselling

Counselling is available to UHI students through SAMS. The new SAMS counselling service offers students sessions via telephone or online counselling. They aim to be as flexible with appointment times to fit in with requirements whenever possible. Once a student is referred, they will respond to any query within 24 hours and aim to offer an appointment within 3-5 days. Please contact Polly Crooks for more information. Postgraduate research students please contact SAMS Graduate School in the first instance at