Stevie Brain

        Stevie Brain out on the hills

Environmental Modelling Analyst

I am a mathematical modeller working on research and commercial projects within the aquaculture sector, with a primary focus on salmon farming.

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I currently work primarily work with particle tracking models, specifically looking at particulate waste deposition and sea lice distribution from finfish aquaculture sites.

I have been involved in projects in Scotland to further validate and maximise the potential of NewDEPOMOD, and international collaborations to validate NewDEPOMOD in non-Scottish waters.

I carry out modelling work on behalf of customers to support license applications to the regulatory body, and work with users of the NewDEPOMOD software within industry to enable the continuous development of the software.

I am currently working on the development of modelling tools for use in sea lice management at Scottish salmon farms.



2019 MSc (Hons) - Mathematical Science (Mathematical Biology) - University of York

2018 BSc (Hons) - Mathematics - The Open University



Serpetti N., Benjamins S., Brain S., Collu M., Harvey B.J., Heymans J.J., Hughes A.D., Risch D., Rosinski S., Waggitt J.J. and Wilson B. (2021). Modeling Small Scale Impacts of Multi-Purpose Platforms: An Ecosystem Approach. Front. Mar. Sci. 8:694013.

Fox C., Hicks N., Webb C., Grant J., Brain S., Fraser S., Abell R. (2022). INCREASE and NAMAQI Project Report Improving understanding of fish farm organic waste dispersal in higher energy environments. Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban. U.K., SAMS Report, No 313, 199 pp. ResearchGate




Marine Science BSc:   

Lecturer, tutorial leader – year 1 Introduction to Mathematics and Data Science

Tutorial leader – year 1 Fundamentals of Marine Physics

Lecturer, tutorial leader – year 2 Advanced Maths and Programming


Aquaculture, Environment and Society MSc:

Lecturer – Environmental Interactions of Aquaculture