Rhianna Rees

        Head and shoulder photo of Rhianna Rees in a winter hat and red coat aboard a research vessel

Seaweed Academy Coordinator

Seaweed researcher, passionate about the growth and expansion of the seaweed industry and its role in a rapidly developing blue economy. Author of the thesis 'seaweed is sexy: the consumption and utilisation of seaweed throughout British history and the marketing that surrounds it', with specific expertise in seaweed history and challenges in marketing.

Contact details:
  • rhianna.rees@sams-enterprise.com
  • +44 (0)+44 (0)1631 559024

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Research interests

Research and developments in the macroalgal sector. Developing new opportunities in an emerging economy, focusing on ecological and environmental sustainability, with rapid expansion. The emerging interest in blue carbon and the role that seaweed must play in bioremediation and the rebalancing of a delicate environment, affected by eutrophication and other human outputs. Seaweed also contributes to dynamic ecosystems, reutilising decommissioned or underutilised areas, and ecosystem services.


Enterprise / consultancy experience

I have three years’ experience in early years education, including the development of curriculums, delivery of courses, teaching training, and professional development.

In the seaweed sector, I have an extensive network of stakeholders and industry professionals across the world, as well as experience working closely with the industry in both the UK and Sweden. I also have a working knowledge of industry, research, and up-to-date developments in the sector.


Current project

The Seaweed Academy



I am a member of the British Phycological Society

Relevant employment history

Since Oct 2021: Seaweed Academy Coordinator, SAMS Enterprise

Mar-Sep 2021: Science, Seaweed, and Sales. Mara Seaweed

2015-16: Education Coordinator. ABC Pathways

2013-15: English Classroom Teacher. ABC Pathways


Education qualifications

2019 MA Global Environmental History. Uppsala University

2013 BSc Management Science. University of Kent