Lisa Chilton

        Photo of SAMS trustee Lisa Chilton standing

Trustee and Chair of Development Committee

Lisa is CEO of the National Biodiversity Network Trust (the NBN Trust), a UK charity with the mission of making data work for nature. The Trust manages the UK’s largest partnership for nature – the NBN – which brings together more than 200 organisations involved in the collection, curation and use of biodiversity data. The Trust’s NBN Atlas is the UK’s biggest repository of publicly available biodiversity data, providing access to more than 200 million records of 46,000 UK species.  

An ecologist by training, Lisa’s key skills are fundraising, strategy, communication, stakeholder engagement and advocacy.  She has worked in nature conservation for 25 years, in the public, private and charity sectors. With The Wildlife Trusts, she delivered citizen science, ocean literacy, policy and advocacy programmes, the highlight of which was a successful public campaign to secure and shape the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. She then held senior positions at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, before moving to the University of Aberdeen where she led a major, philanthropic fundraising programme. Lisa is also Senior Associate (Scotland) with Dialogue Matters, a consultancy specialising in stakeholder dialogue and consensus-building in the environmental sector. 

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