Sarah Brown FRGS

        Upper body and head photo of trustee Sarah Brown


Sarah has worked mainly in public engagement in marine planning, focusing on invasive non‐native species/biosecurity planning and also on the marine recreation and tourism sector. In order to learn more about societal engagement in marine planning processes Sarah recently undertook a Winston Churchill Fellowship research trip to the US. Her Fellowship included exploring engagement in the marine planning process, experiencing and examining the open house and the Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution approaches.

Sarah is an experienced marine manager and facilitator and has sailed all of her life. Her work includes the Scotland wide marine tourism survey which she completed when she worked for the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership, the RAPIDlife (marine invasive species toolkit), Marine Scotland (Loch Creran marine biosecurity plan), Crown Estate Scotland (asset management Pilot Scheme), Natural England (Tamar Estuary Biosecurity Plan) and Argyll and Bute Council (Oban North Pier Pontoons project).

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