Dr Paola Arce

        Head and shoulder photo of Dr Paola Arce at the seaside

Computing and Informatics Analyst

I support different science projects in terms of data management, analysis, and visualisations.

I have extensive experience in both research and development and an academic background teaching scientific computing and other mathematics courses.

I am highly motivated and very interested in broadening my knowledge of related areas of science, especially those requiring data analysis and computational solutions.

Contact details:

My research interests are machine learning, scientific computing, time series analysis and recently RNA-seq analysis.


Current projects

GlobalSeaweedSTAR: Funded by GCRF

Oceanids C2: Funded by NERC

ALFF: Funded by EU H2020

COMPASS: Funded by EU Interreg 5A via SEUPB

EMBRIC: Funded by EU H2020

Peer-reviewed publications

Rad-Menéndez, C., Gerphagnon, M., Garvetto, A., Arce, P., Badis, Y., Sime-Ngando, T. and Gachon, C.M., 2018. Rediscovering Zygorhizidium affluens Canter: Molecular Taxonomy, Infectious Cycle, and Cryopreservation of a Chytrid Infecting the Bloom-Forming Diatom Asterionella formosa. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 84(23), pp. e01826-18

P Arce, J Antognini, W Kristjanpoller, L Salinas. Fast and Adaptive Cointegration Based Model for Forecasting High Frequency Financial Time Series. Computational Economics, 1-14


Other publications

P. Arce, J. Antognini, W. Kristjanpoller and L. Salinas (April 2016) Fast and adaptive cointegration based model for forecasting high frequency financial time series.  Fourth International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance. Paris, France.

P. Arce, J. Antognini, W. Kristjanpoller and L. Salinas (Jan 2015) An Online Vector Error Correction Model for Exchange Rates Forecasting. International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods. Lisbon, Portugal.

P. Arce and L. Salinas (Nov 2012) Online Ridge Regression method using sliding windows. International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society SCCC. Valparaíso, Chile.

R. Bonvallet, C. Maureira, C. Fernández and P. Arce (Nov 2012) Forecasting financial time series using parallel FFN with CUDA and ZeroMQ. 9th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies APSITT. Santiago, Chile.

R. Bonvallet, C. Maureira, C. Fernández, P. Arce and A. Cañete (Jul 2012) A Feed Forward Neural Network in CUDA for a Financial Application. Tenth World Conference on Computational Mechanics WCCM. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

P. Arce, A. Cañete, C. Fernández, R. León, O. Orellana, R. Plaza and L. Salinas (May 2011) A cointegration approach for generating synthetic prices of High Frequency Time Series. Tercer Congreso de Matemática Aplicada. Computacional e Industrial MACI. Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

Employment history

Since June 2016 Computer and Informatics Analyst. SAMS

2009-14 Project Engineer. Centre for Technological Innovation on High Performance Computing

2010-12 Scientific Computing Lecturer. UTFSM

2008 Researcher. University of Bristol

2007-07 Quality Assurance Engineer. Airsage Inc



2017 PhD in Informatics Engineering. UTFSM, Chile

2008 Master of Science. UTFSM, Chile

2008 Computer Systems Engineer. UTFSM, Chile