Adrian Beard MBE

        Head and shoulder photo of Adrian Beard

IMS Implementation Project Manager

I spent 24 years as a geospatial technician and manager with HM Armed Forces in a variety of roles on many projects around the globe, one of which was the successful implementation of a stock control system that handled the process of procuring maps and charts, their storage and timely delivery to forces on exercise or operations. I have also worked within the offshore construction industry for an international survey company.

I am keen to improve SAMS' business processes and in particular to see a successful implementation of SAMS' Integrated Management System (Oracle / NetSuite).

Contact details:
  • +44 (0)1631 559 473

My role at SAMS

I am responsible for delivering a transformational improvement to SAMS operations through the implementation of NetSuite, SAMS’ Integrated Management System (IMS). This will enable the organisation to move its project management from the current multiple spreadsheets on to the IMS enabling much greater visibility of projects across the organisation, and to achieve, critically, more efficient use of resource.

In addition I am supporting the organisation’s NetSuite use through this period (systems administrator).


Employment history

Since 2017 IMS Implementation Project Manager. SAMS

2011-2015 Hydrographic Surveyor. Fugro Survey Limited

2004-2007 Instructor. Royal School of Military Survey

1987-2011 Geospatial Technician. HM Armed Forces



2010 Level 5 CMI Diploma in Management. Chartered Management Institute

1992 BTEC Higher National Diploma in Surveying. Business and Technology Education Council