Danielle Magee

        Selfie of education administrate Danielle Magee

Registry Support Administrator

I am the Registry Support Administrator within the Education department and team.

I am working on the day-to-day running of any registry programmes such as Erasmus+ and any other international student programmes. I support the students in anything related to their educational journey such as inductions, admissions, enrolments and any other relevant tasks that arise. I also assist in any relevant events organised within our team and assist with the general applications and admissions for the students, be it domestic or international.

Contact details:
  • Danielle.Magee@sams.ac.uk

I provide administrative assistance to a busy higher education Registry office. I am involved in assisting in the day-to-day running of the Registry Office for our undergraduate programmes and undergraduate Erasmus +/international students. I further provide administrative support in key areas related to the student journey (induction, enrolment and admissions) and student data management through SITS. Finally, I also assist in the applications/admissions processes for home, international and Erasmus+ students.

With guidance from the Head of Student Services and the Academic Registry Officer, I assist in the support of registry activities including applications, enrolment and exams. I assist in administration of international and exchange activities of students and relay careers information to students from HoSS and UHI Careers Service.

I assist in the admissions process for new applicants and assist in providing 48 hr turn around on offers to applicants. I am a point of contact to applicants in the admissions process and provide key information to applicants and enquirers.

I act as a point of contact for both SAMS teaching staff and students, providing advice or signposting where appropriate.

Also I liaise with Student Records Office in UHI and assist in management of student data through SITS and UHI Records.

I provide administrative and general support for events such as degree programme open days, student induction at the start of the academic year, and graduation.

I am also pro-active in the application of SAMS Health and Safety Procedures to keep our students and colleagues safe at SAMS.