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PhD student

Marine social scientist interested in community-industry relationships along coastlines, especially fisheries and aquaculture. As well as the cultural importance of coastlines and the marine environment to society and the impact that marine management schemes have upon communities.

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The Social License of Scottish Aquaculture: Examining the Challenges to Community Acceptance of the Finfish Aquaculture Industry

This project sets out to examine the challenges of community acceptance of the finfish aquaculture industry in Scotland. The finfish aquaculture industry in Scotland is set to expand, with a goal of at least doubling production by 2030. However, community groups have raised concerns over this expansion.

This has resulted in a number of petitions that have halted or slowed the expansion of fish farms in Scotland. This project looks to examine the reason for these challenges by looking at the social license of the industry. A case study approach has been taken, with initial qualitative interviews undertaken, the results of which will inform the development of the next stage of research.


Dr Suzi Billing, SAMS

Dr Adam Hughes, SAMS

Professor Frank Rennie, UHI Lews Castle College


European Social Fund

Scottish Funding Council


University of the Highlands and Islands

Fieldwork experience

Alderney, Channel Islands- Volunteer Researcher with the Wildlife Trust. Examining human use and perceptions of Alderney’s Ramsar site. Surveying residents and visitors to the island through interviews and questionnaires.

Northern Cyprus- Volunteer field assistant and team leader. Collecting data on the nesting behaviours and health of the loggerhead and green turtle populations through the nesting season. Also included public outreach activities, such as public hatchling releases and public nest excavations.


Media Coverage

University of York press release: Lack of trust muddies the water in UK fishing industry


Professional training courses

NVivo Qualitative software-UHI

Stakeholder Dialogue: A good practise approach to participation-Dialogue Matters




July-September 2018 - Volunteer Researcher, Alderney Wildlife Trust

July-September 2016 - Volunteer Team Leader, Society for Protection of Turtles- Northern Cyprus

July-September 2016 - Volunteer Field Assistant, Society for Protection of Turtles- Northern Cyprus


Higher Education

2018 - MSc Marine Environmental Management, University of York

2017- BSc Human Science, University of Exeter


University of York research report : Building a bridge over troubled waters: an analysis of fishers’ trust in UK fisheries management

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