Elise Depauw

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PhD student

I am a marine scientist with experience in ecosystem management and modelling, biology, ecology and environmental science. I am particularly interested in working on the management of marine systems from an ecosystem approach.

My research focuses on optimising the decommissioning of concrete mattresses and support structures in the North Sea.

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  • +44 (0)1631 559 232

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Optimising the decommissioning of concrete mattresses and support structures in the North Sea

The number of offshore installations approaching the end of their operational life-time is increasing in the marine environment. The current legislation approach of the decommissioning process from OSPAR 98/3 is causing pressure on land space availabilities, with a significant associated cost. As such, leaving part of the installations in situ appears to be attractive. This PhD is focusing on optimising the decommissioning of concrete mattresses and subsea support structures in the North Sea with regard to the current regulations and policies.

By optimising the decommissioning options of these support structures and concrete mattresses, a better management scenario of decommissioning with clearer guidelines will benefit human society. This scientific research will help deliver strong recommendations to policy makers in order to inform accurate decision making regarding decommissioning.



Dr Tom Wilding, SAMS

Dr Sally Rouse, SAMS

Dr Peter Hayes, Marine Science Scotland



European Social Fund

Scottish Funding Council



University of the Highlands and Islands


2016 MSc Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems. University of St Andrews in partnership with SAMS. UK

2015 BSc (Hons) Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé option Biologie des Organismes Ecosystèmes. University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. France

2014-15 Third year ERASMUS exchange at the University of East Anglia. Biology and Environmental Sciences. UK


Employment history

2017 Agriculture, Fisheries & Environmental Attaché. Ministry of Economy and Finance at the Embassy of France in The Hague. Netherlands

Fieldwork experience

I have gained a multitude of experience across ecology and biology fields during my education including an independent research project as part of my master’s degree. The project aimed to track the snail Lacuna vincta colonisation of commercially important macroalgal species grown for feed and fuel. During this project, I gained practical hands-on experience in fieldwork and laboratory work.

In 2013, I also took part in a training course at the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) in the bee research unit. I took part in research studies on bees, bumblebees and earthworms. I assisted laboratory work and fieldtrips to strengthen my fieldwork experience within a professional research environment. In addition, I undertook an introductory bird radio-tracking course.