Guy Trimby

        PhD student Guy Trimby pipetting sample in laboratory wearing laboratory clothing

PhD student

I am utterly passionate about discovering and refining molecules from nature for specific applications and this is reflected in my PhD research focusing on glycobiotechnology.

Previously, I have created technology to detect novel fluorescent proteins in coral reefs, conducted industrial-scale protein production, genetic engineering with an emphasis on cloning and expression and scientific business. I have been involved in international collaborations and worked across academia and industry, fulfilling contracts from philanthropists to governments.

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Novel sugar compound discovery for industry

My work focuses on bioprospecting, biochemistry and the genetics of novel exopolysaccharides (EPS) from marine bacteria alongside my industrial partner.

There is a huge demand for novel EPS from the medical industry to replace and enhance existing products used in surgeries.

Marine bacteria often have unique structures and confer increased biocompatibility with humans compared to terrestrial bacteria, making the ocean a gold mine for novelty.

Using a range of techniques, including microbiological, GC-FID, cloning, expression and rheological, amongst others, the goal is to develop a toolbox of novel polysaccharides for use within the surgical field and to understand the requirements for synthetic carbohydrate chemistry.



Dr David Green, SAMS

Dr Arlene Ditchfield, SAMS



European Social Fund



University of the Highlands and Islands

Conference talks

2015 ENVExpo, University of East Anglia

2015 Postgraduate Conference, Plymouth University

2017 Postgraduate Conference, SAMS UHI


Other research outputs

My Masters research was presented to the Cook Islands government on my behalf. I was bioprospecting for novel fluorescent proteins.

Employment history

2017 Lab Assistant. University of Exeter

2016 Biotechnologist. Protein Technologies Ltd



2015 MRes Applied Marine Science. University of Plymouth

2014 BSc (Hons) Maritime Science. University of Plymouth

Teaching experience

BSc Hons Marine Science: Assisting teaching in third-year biotechnology laboratory practicals

Have taught many secondary school students biotechnological and synthetic biology techniques such as DNA cloning, industrial scale-up and protein expression.


Fieldwork experience

International collaboration with California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) and the government of the Cook Islands during my masters at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Fieldwork was carried out in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, bioprospecting for novel fluorescent proteins in coral reefs.


Public engagement experience

Have delivered talks to secondary schools about fluorescent proteins and biotechnology.

2015: Delivered a talk to the then Secretary of Defence, Michael Fallon, during my Master at PML.


Professional memberships

Associate Member of the Royal Society of Biology


Professional training courses