Laura Tulip

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PhD student

I have a broad range of research interests including rocky shore ecology, conservation of tropical marine systems, and biogeochemistry. I am currently investigating sedimentation rates of phytoplankton and the biogeochemical composition of particulate material. I love being outdoors and I am attracted to projects with large proportions of field and lab work.

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Composition and sedimentation of marine particulate material

My current research explores the biological carbon pump with a focus on phytoplankton sedimentation, and the composition and reactivity of suspended and sinking marine aggregates. A significant amount of research has been carried out on aggregates collected from sediment traps. Processes occurring within the water column, which can influence the quantity and quality of aggregates reaching depth, and their sinking rates, are less well understood. Specifically, the biogeochemistry of aggregates and associated changes in response to processes in the water column prior to deposition, has received little attention.

My objectives are to...

  • >investigate the seasonal biogeochemical composition of particulate material down the water column profile by collecting suspended particulate material, material from sediment traps, and benthic material
  • >investigate the sinking rates of suspended particulate material, focusing on phytoplankton, using settlement columns
  • >determine the reactivity of the particulate material collected


Professor David Pond (SAMS)

Dr Greg Cowie (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Keith Davidson (SAMS)


Natural Environment Research Council


University of Edinburgh

Conference talks

Microbial and biochemical control on the sinking rates and export of marine aggregates. GradSchool Conference. Peebles, January 2015

Composition and sedimentation of marine aggregates. Postgraduate Research Conference. Edinburgh, April 2015

Poster presentations

Marine Aggregates. GradSchool Conference. Stirling, January 2016

Sedimentation and biogeochemistry of marine aggregates. Postgraduate Research Conference. Edinburgh, May 2016

Professional activities

Hyperbaric chamber team at the NERC Facility for Scientific Diving

Postgraduate health and safety representative, SAMS

Teaching experience          

Bridge to Employment (BTE) Mentoring, Lochaber High School (2015/16)

BTEC Certificate Tropical Habitat Conservation assessor, Cambodia (2013)

Fieldwork experience

Nov – Dec 2016: Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE) Cruise Leg 0, Bremerhaven to Cape Town (RV Akademik Treshnikov).

Mar 2015 – Nov 2016: Seasonal sampling at a western Scotland coastal site on board RV Seol Mara. Work involved collecting water column samples, deployment of sediment traps, and Craib cores.


Oct 2014 - present: PhD student. SAMS. University of Edinburgh

May-Nov 2013: Marine Research Officer, Cambodia. Frontier

2007-2008: Chemical Engineering Internship. Procter & Gamble


2012 MRes (with distinction) Ecosystem-Based Management of Marine Systems. University of St Andrews

2011 BSc (Hons) Marine Biology. Newcastle University