Monika Kosecka

        Head and shoulder photo of Monika Kosecka at SAMS

PhD student

I am an oceanographer with a background in marine biology and bioacoustics. I have previously worked both in academia and for a consultancy.

I am implementing acoustics as a tool to investigate marine life and possible effects of man-made noise on marine ecosystems.

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Passive acoustic monitoring and automated detection of gadoid fish species in marine renewable development areas

The main aim of the project is to conduct passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of gadoid fish species within potential marine renewable development areas.

To achieve this goal PAM of selected gadoid fish species is being done in the wild (and possibly in captivity) during fish spawning.

Obtained data, together with other underwater acoustic datasets, serve as a base to test already existing automated detectors and to build new detectors that ease the time-consuming acoustic data analysis process. The last step of the project is to analyse underwater acoustic data recorded within possible marine renewable deployment areas to assess presence/absence of fish species of interest.



Dr Denise Risch, SAMS

Dr Clive Fox, SAMS

Maarten Van Walstijn, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Ian Davies, Marine Scotland Science



University of the Highlands and Islands



European Union's INTERREG 5A Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body



Oct 2018 - Sep 2021


Peer-reviewed publications

De Vreese SS., van der Schaar M., Weissenberger J., Erbs F., Kosecka M., Solé M., André M. (2018) Marine mammal acoustic detections in the Greenland and Barents Sea, 2013 – 2014 seasons.  Scientific Reports 8(1)

Koblitz J. C., Amundin M., Carlström J., Thomas L., Carlén I., Teilmann J., Tregenza N., Wennerberg D., Kyhn L., Signe Svegaard S., Koza R., Kosecka M., Pawliczka I., Ljungqvist C.T., Brundiers K., Wright A., Mikkelsen L., Tougaard J., Olli Loisa O., Anders Galatius A., Jüssi I., Benke H. (2014) Large-scale static acoustic survey of a low-density population—Estimating the abundance of the Baltic Sea harbor porpoise. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 136; 2248


Conference talks

Kosecka M., Gill A., Norro A., Sigray P., Folegot T., Andre M, Risch D., Gabriel J., Judd A., Andersson M., Thomsen F. (2016) Audibility and Potential Impacts of Noise Generated by Marine Renewable Energy Devices on Low-Frequency Cetaceans: Assessment Based on the MaRVEN Project Results; Fourth International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, Dublin, Ireland


Poster presentations

Kosecka M., Skóra K.E, Pawliczka I., Koza R., Verfuß U. , Tregenza N. (2013) Acoustic data reveal the seasonal occurrence of harbour porpoise in the Puck Bay, Southern Baltic. Abstract book: 27th Conference of the European Cetacean Society, 8th-10th April, Setubal, Portugal

Kosecka M., Falkowska L., PawliczkaI., SkóraK.E. (2012) Mercury concentration in Baltic Sea grey seal Halichoerus grypus living in captivity and in the wild. Abstract book: 26th European Cetacean Society Conference 26th-28th March 2012, Galway Ireland; pp.285

Krugel K., Verfuß U., Herrmann A., Gallus A., Kosecka M., Pawliczka I., Skóra K. E., Benke H. (2012) Examining the quality of different automatic train detection classifiers and human visual classifiers in the C-POD software. Abstract book: 26th European Cetacean Society Conference 26th-28th March 2012, Galway Ireland; pp.150; 2012


Other research outputs

Thomsen F., Gill A., Kosecka M., Andersson M., Andre M., Degraer S., Folegot T., Gabriel J., Judd A., Neumann T., Norro A. (2015) MaRVEN - Environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewable energy: final study report. ISBN: 978-92-79-54977-9; ISSN: 1831-9424  DOI: 10.2777/272281; EU

Employment history

Since Oct 2018 PhD student at SAMS, UK

2017-18 Bioacoustic Researcher. Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona Tech (UPC), Spain

2014-16 Senior Specialist - marine mammals and underwater noise. Danish Hydrological Institute, Gdynia, Poland

2013-14 Acoustic Data Analyst. Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdansk, Poland

2010-14 Technician. University of Gdansk, Poland



2009 Master in Oceanography (specialisation: physical oceanography). Uniersity of Gdansk, Poland