Dr Yacine Badis

Macroalgal Pathology PDRA

A molecular geneticist specializing on plant and algal pathology.

I use classic microscopy and molecular approaches to discover and characterize new algal diseases, and Bioinformatic/Omics strategies to decipher the molecular mechanisms of algal pathogen interactions.

I am on a 2 year leave of absence from SAMS starting in the spring/summer 2018 to pilot genome editing of brown algae at the Biological Station of Roscoff, France.

Contact details:

My main interests are to

  • >decipher red/brown algal molecular defence mechanisms (pathogen detection mechanisms, elicitation of defences, systemic signals, antimicrobial compounds) and
  • >get an insight the evolution of different virulence strategies in early diverging oomycetes from a genomic perspective (comparative genomics, gene family expansion, so-called effectors?) to highlight the molecular basis influencing host-range and trans-kingdom host jumps in biotrophic oomycete pathogens.

I also design custom data mining bioinformatic tools dedicated to biodiversity exploration. I am also involved in the development of genome editing tools (ASSEMBLE+) and quantitative genetics (GENIALG, QTL mapping and Genome Wide association Studies) strategies applied to the model brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus.


Current research projects

ASSEMBLE+. Funded by EU through EMBRC 2017-20

GENIALG: GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macro-ALGal biorefinery. Funded by EU H2020 2017-20

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Badis, Y., Klochkova, T.A., Strittmatter, M., Garvetto, A., Murúa, P., Sanderson, J.C., Kim, G.H. and Gachon, C.M., 2018. Novel species of the oomycete Olpidiopsis potentially threaten European red algal cultivation. Journal of Applied Phycology, pp.1-12.

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Badis Y, Bonhomme M, Lafitte C, Huguet S, Balzergue S, Dumas B, Jacquet C (2015). Transcriptome analysis highlights preformed defences and signalling pathways controlled by the prAe1 quantitative trait locus (QTL), conferring partial resistance to Aphanomyces euteiches in Medicago truncatula. Molecular Plant Pathology, 2015 Dec;16(9):973-86

Employment history

Since 2015 Macroalgal Pathology PDRA



2014 PhD. UPSIII (France)

2011 MSc. UPS III

2009 BSc. UPS III