George Charalambides

Research Assistant in Marine Social Science

I am a marine social science assistant with a focus on equitable marine resource development and management. I am interested in all aspects of marine management, particularly how national and international policies are applied to human marine related activities (fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewables), and how they can be managed effectively and sustainably.

In addition, I am interested in the relationships which the above marine industries have with communities on a local scale.

Contact details:

My job at SAMS

My main role is to assist with the European H2020 Blue Growth Farm project which aims to develop and demonstrate an automated, modular and environmentally friendly multi-functional platform for open sea farms.

I also assist with consultancy work through researching and providing advice for organisations regarding the projects they present. This work is undertaken via SAMS Research Services Ltd.



2019 MSc Marine Environmental Management. University of York

2018 BSc (Hons) Marine Biology. University of Liverpool


Current Projects

BLUE GROWTH FARM (H2020) – Testing scalar multi-use offshore installations combining aquaculture with renewable energy production; WP8 social acceptability and social license to operate.

RISE UP (ESRC) - Resilience of the UK seafood system to the COVID-19 disruption. 


Hughes AD, Charalambides G, Franco SC, Robinson G, Tett P (2022) Blue Nitrogen: A Nature-Based Solution in the Blue Economy as a Tool to Manage Terrestrial Nutrient Neutrality. Sustainability 14(16): 10182 

House of Lords European Union Committee, (2019) Fisheries: implementation and enforcement of the EU landing obligation. Available at:

Charalambides, G., Stewart, B. D., Williams, C., Carpenter, G. (2018) Written evidence (IEL0011). Available at: