Dr Adrian Macleod

        Head and shoulder photo of a windswept Adrian MacLeod wearing a life vest

Macroalgal Cultivation PDRA

I am marine scientist working to develop methods and technologies necessary for the large scale cultivation of seaweed for a range of industrial applications.

I also have expertise in the management of biofouling on marine structures (e.g. marine renewable energy devices) and associated non-native species biosecurity best practise.

Contact details:

My research interests include the development of techniques to cultivate a range of seaweed species on sea-based aquaculture facilities (also known as seaweed farms). This includes researching methods to cultivate algae in the lab before seeding juvenile stages onto textile based growing systems currently being trailed at two seaweed farms operated by SAMS.

My research explores ways to optimise the growing conditions used to produce biomass for the production of bioethanol and methane whilst understanding the environmental interactions of this emerging aquaculture industry.


Current research projects

MacroFuels: this project aims to produce advanced biofuels from seaweed or macroalgae. Funded by EU H2020. 2016-19

BIOFEED: novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council. 2015-18

Peer-reviewed publications

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Other publications

Macleod, A., Benjamins, S., Allen, C. 2016 Habitats Regulations Appraisal: Screening Report for Fair Head Tidal Energy Project. A report by SRSL for Fair Head Tidal Energy Park Ltd., pp. 120.

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Consultancy and industry experience

My research interests include the study of biofouling on marine structures and the management of risk associated with marine non-native species. Our team has provided marine biosecurity guidance to Scottish Natural Heritage and this work has been adopted by other statutory nature conservation bodies throughout the UK.

I have managed several industrial projects and provide consultancy to a range of organizations (e.g. Environmental Impact Assessment for the Fair Head Tidal Energy Project). See 'other publications'


Accessing consultancy services from SAMS

SAMS consultancy work is delivered through its wholly owned commercial subsidiary, SAMS Research Services Ltd. (SRSL). SRSL operates a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) that is accredited to ISO9001:2008 standard, guaranteeing that all projects deliver the best possible service to our customers. All SRSL projects are planned by a professional programme manager who oversees a team of dedicated project managers, all of whom are focussed specifically on client delivery, and have scientific experience and technical expertise in fields relevant to their assigned projects.

For further information concerning commercial enterprise opportunities at SAMS, please contact SRSL by email (info@srsl.com) or phone +44 (0) 1631 559 470.


Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy PhD programme: Lecturer on 'Marine renewables and the environment' module, teaching about biofouling and Environmental Impact Assessment.


Internship supervision

Iskander Bond: third year student from Bangor University (duration 42 weeks)

Guillaume Brit: final year student from Bordeaux Science Agro (duration 11 weeks)


Current research students

Eleanor Wood: Developments in the production of Palmaria palmata in hatchery conditions. MSc University of the Highlands and Islands. 2016-17

Employment history

Since 2016 PDRA in Macroalgal Cultivation. SAMS

2013-16 Environmental Consultant. SAMS Research Services Ltd

2009-13 Postgraduate Research Assistant. SAMS

2008-09 Assistant Curator Marine Taxonomist. National Museum Scotland



2013 PhD 'The role of marine renewable energy structures and biofouling communities in promoting self-sustaining populations of non-native species. University of Aberdeen

2008 MSc Marine Resource Development and Protection. Heriot-Watt University

2006 BSc (Hons) Marine Biology. The University of Aberdeen