Professor Mikhail Zubkov

        Head and shoulder photo of Prof Mike Zubkov

Microbial Ecologist

Being an ecologist I investigate how interactions of key bacteria and protists control biological CO2 fixation in the ocean.

My over 120 peer-reviewed papers include the ones that challenged and changed ecological thinking, e.g. planetary significance of the smallest plants that feed on bacteria.

Contact details:
  • +44 (0)1631 559 202

  • mike.zubkov

My research interests are in linking microbial (prokaryotes and protists) identity and diversity with the biogeochemical cycles.

Using flow cytometry for sorting targeted populations of microbial cells after isotopic pulse labelling I developed a suite of novel experimental approaches to determine:

  1. ambient bacterivory rates of different protists,
  2. intrinsic growth rates of prokaryotic and eukaryotic CO2 fixers,
  3. unperturbed uptake rates of phosphate by phylogenetically characterised microbial populations.

Current research projects

How do eukaryotic CO2 fixers co-exist with faster growing prokaryotic CO2 fixers in the oligotrophic ocean covering 40% of Earth? Nutrientpulses or CO2 fixers. A joint project with the National History Museum. I am the Principal Investigator. Funded by NERC (NE/M014363/1). Oct 2015 - Dec 2019.

FAPESP Marine ferromanganese deposits — a major resource of Etech elements (MarineE-tech). Funded by NERC (NE/M011186/1). I am a Co-Investigator on this project looking at the role of microbes in metal deposition and the impact of deep ocean mining on biological processes in the surface ocean.


Important past projects

Mixotrophy: Do mixotrophic protists make oligotrophic oceanic gyres sustainable ecosystems? Funded by NERC (NE/E016138/1). 2007-12

Photoheterotrophy: How important is prokaryotic photoheterotrophy in ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean from 40oS to 40oN? Funded by NERC (NE/H005196/1). 2010-15

Peer-reviewed publications

Kamennaya, N.A., G. Kennaway, B.M. Fuchs, and M.V. Zubkov. 2018. “Pomacytosis”—Semi-extracellular phagocytosis of cyanobacteria by the smallest marine algae. PLOS Biology. 16:e2003502.

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Employment history

Since 2018: Microbial Ecologist at SAMS

2009-17: Individual Merit Scientist Band 3. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

2006-09: Open-ended appointment as Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) staff, Band 5 to Band 4. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

2002-06: NERC Advanced Research Fellowship. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

1998-2002: NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and NERC Advanced Research Fellowship. Plymouth Marine Laboratory

1995-98: Postdoctoral researcher on research grants funded by NERC. University of Southampton

1993-94: Royal Society Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship. University of Southampton

1992-93: Research scientist. Institute of Nature Protection and Conservation, Ministry of Ecology, Moscow

1989-92: Research scientist. Institute of Microbiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


Education qualifications

2009 Honorary Professor of Ocean Biogeochemistry. University of Southampton

2015 Associate Faculty Member of the International Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology (marmic). Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen

1989 PhD (equivalent) in Hydrobiology. Institute of Oceanology, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow

1985 MSc (equivalent) in Biology. Moscow State University