Christine M Beveridge

        Head and shoulder photo of our aquarium manager Christine Beveridge in the research aquarium

Aquarium Manager / Research Assistant

As well as overseeing the management of the aquarium, I provide technical and practical support for aquarium based experiments working on commercial, research and student projects.

My identification expertise is in non-native species and zooplankton analysis.

Contact details:
  • +44 (0)1631 559 374

  • Research Gate

My role at SAMS

As the Aquarium Manager I maintain and support (with facilities) the research aquarium facility and provide technical and practical support for aquarium based experiments.

I also work on specific projects within the aquarium or on fieldwork to deliver commercial (SRSL) and SAMS research projects.

I support or lead in the identification of non-native species and teach zooplankton sampling and identification to Masters students.

Current research projects



Fieldwork experience

Small boat zooplankton sampling

Rocky shore ecology

Non-native related surveys: Rapid assessment surveys in Scottish marinas; Rocky shore survey for Crassostrea gigas


Teaching experience

I teach zooplankton analysis on the following programmes

IDCore renewable energy

Master in Ecocystem-based Management of Marine Ecosystems


Relevant training courses / qualifications achieved

NACWO (2017) Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer

NMBAQC (2015 and 2017) Zooplankton Analysis

Peer-reviewed publications

Cottier-Cook, E.J., Beveridge, C., Bishop, J.D.D., Brodie, J., Clark, P.F., Epstein, G., Jenkins, S.R., Johns, D.G., Loxton, J., MacLeod, A., Maggs, C., Minchin, D., Mineur, F. , Sewell, J. and Wood, C.A. (2017) Non-native species. MCCIP Science Review 2017, pages xxx, doi:10.14465/2017.arc10.005-nns.

K.S. Last, V.J. Hendrick, C.M. Beveridge, D.A. Roberts, T.A. Wilding. (2016) Lethal and sub-lethal responses of the biogenic reef forming polychaete Sabellaria alveolata to aqueous chlorine and temperature. Marine Environmental Research 04/2016; 117.

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Richard E. Abell, Tim Brand, Andrew C. Dale, Gavin H. Tilstone, Christine Beveridge (2013) Variability of particulate flux over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Deep-Sea Research Part II Volume 98, Part B. 15 December 2013, Pages 257-268


Contract reports

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Employment history

Since 2016 Aquarium Manager / Research Assistant. SAMS

2007-16 Support Scientist. SAMS

2001-03 Halibut Hatchery Technician. Otter Ferry Seafish, Argyll

1998-2001 Research Technician. Biotechnology Transfer Centre. University of Glasgow

1996-98 Research Technician. Glasgow Marine Technology Centre. University of Glasgow

1979-85 Research Technician. NERC Unit, Marine Science Labs, Menai Bridge. University College of North Wales, Bangor

1978-79 Scientific Officer. Marine Science Labs, Menai Bridge. University College of North Wales, Bangor



1996 HNC Information Technology. James Watt College, Greenock

1976 BSc (Hons) Botany with Marine Botany. University College of North Wales, Bangor