Tim Brand

        Head and shoulder photo of Tim Brand in the SAMS analytical lab

Biogeochemistry support scientist

I am a esearch technician in marine biogeochemical cycling, specialising in nutrient and carbon chemistry and marine particle transfer and decay.

Contact details:

I am a marine biogeochemist specialising in water column nutrient and dissolved oxygen chemistry and marine particle transfer. I have also worked in sediment carbon dynamics specialising in carbon burial rates, bioturbation styles and redox sensitive metals. With these skills and knowledge I help and advise on related research programs operating at SAMS.

I manage the main instrument lab, the Analytical Laboratory, at SAMS and am the Chemical Safety Advisor for the organisation and with which I share responsibility of the procedural aspects of all chemical related analyses with the Health and Safety Advisor. I am also the External Universities Field Work Coordinator.

I have extensive field going experience, having spent a month at sea every year for the past 30 years in areas including the North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea.

Current research projects


HABS Archive

PRIZE Integration


Teaching responsibilities on BSc (Hons) Marine Science programme

  • >Module leader for year 1 Field module
  • >Practical leader for year 1 Principles of Chemistry
  • >Field trip and practical leader for year 2 Chemical Oceanography
  • >Practical leader for year 3 Biogeochemical Cycles
  • >Practical demonstrator for year 4 Defining the Marine Carbon Cycle



1987 MSc Water Resource Management. University of London

1983 BSc Geological Sciences. University of Birmingham


Employment history

Since 2001: Support Scientist. SAMS

1999-2001: Research Associate. Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory

1989-1999: Research Assistant. Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Edinburgh

1988-1989: Laboratory Technician. British Petroleum pld

1987-1988: Laboratory Technician. Thames Water Authority

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