Ryan Marchington

        Photo of Ryan Marchington in a lab coat with an algal culture in a flask

Seaweed Nursery Technician

Seaweed Nursery Technician at SAMS Enterprise, overseeing all activities in the SAMS seaweed nursery. I am a keen phycologist possessing a BSc Marine Biology degree and a MSc Sustainable Aquaculture degree. My interests encompass large-scale algae cultivation systems for food, fuel, IMTA and CO2 sequestration. I am an extremely hard working, conscientious individual, who consistently seeks new and challenging experiences to expand my knowledge on algal biotechnology

Contact details:
  • Ryan.Marchington@sams-enterprise.com

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Ryan supports CCAP activities: maintenance and supply of algae and protozoa and ensuring their taxonomy, photographs and information is up to date. Additionally, Ryan participates in the CCAP-ARIES Centre activities, comprising of microalgae production scale-up for photobioreactor cultivation and additional genetic and metabolomic analysis.



2020 BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, first class. Newcastle University

2021 MSc Sustainable Aquaculture, distinction. University of Plymouth


Employment history

Oct 21 – Sept 22 Support Scientist - Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa. SAMS

2021 Research internship. The Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC), Vigo, Spain

2019 Assistant Production Technician, volunteer. Sessentia Spirulina Azores, Graciosa Island, Azores

2019 Assistant Technician, volunteer. The National Lobster Hatchery, Padstow, Cornwall



JAE-ICUS Research Scholarship. Spanish National Research Council. 2020/21



Wood EE, Ross ME, Jubeau S, Montalescot V, MacKechnie K, Marchington RE, Davey MP, McNeill S, Hamilton C, Stanley MS (2023) From green to orange: The change in biochemical composition of phototophic-mixotrophic Chromochloris zofingiensis in pilot-scale photobioreactors. Algal Research 75: 103238. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.algal.2023.103238