Christine Rolin

        SAMS support scientist Christine Rolin on a boat during seaweed harvesting time holding seaweed

Aquaculture Environmental Consultant / Project Manager

I first joined SAMS in 2019 delivering and developing seaweed cultivation for commercial and research clients. In 2021, I joined the team at SAMS Enterprise as an Aquaculture Environmental Consultant, I project manage the NewDEPOMOD software and aquaculture consultancy projects. I work with clients to develop new opportunities and deliver projects to meet objectives according to our Quality Management standards.

Contact details:

I am working on the following projects:

Seaweed hatchery

Rise Up



2014 MRes Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology. University of Aberdeen

2013 BSc Hons Marine Biology. University of Aberdeen


Employment history


Since 2021 Aquaculture Environmental Consultant/Project Manager - SAMS Enterprise

2019 - 2021 Marine Support Scientists - Macroalgal cultivation. SAMS

2017-18 Environmental Development Officer. Lochaber Environmental Group

2017-18 Outdoor Education Practitioner. Glengarry Community Woodlands

2015-16 Research Associate. NAFC Marine Centre UHI

2014-15 Seaweed Cultivation Technician. NAFC Marine Centre UHI


Board directorships (non-executive)

Since 2020 LEG Power

Since 2019 Lochaber Environmental Group

Peer-reviewed publications

Adams, J., Turner, L.B., Toop, T., Kirby, M.E., Rolin, C., Judd, E., Inkster, R., McEvoy, L., Wirza, W.M., Theorodou, M.K. & Gallagher, J. (2020). Evaluation of pyrolysis chars derived from marine macroalgae silage as soil amendments. GCB-Bioenergy 12:706-727. 

Rolin, C., Inkster, R., Laing, J., McEvoy, L. (2017). Regrowth and biofouling in two species of cultivated kelp. Journal of Applied Phycology, 29:2351-2361.

Rolin, C., Graham, J., McCarthy, U., Martin, S., Matejusova, I. (2016). Interactions between Paramoeba perurans, the causative agent of amoebic gill disease, and the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis. Aquaculture 456:1-8.


Consultancy reports

Stanley, M.S., Kerrison, P.K., Macleod, A.M., Rolin, C., Farley, I., Parker, A., Billing, S-L., Burrows, M. & Allen, C. (2019). Seaweed Farming Feasibility Study for Argyll & Bute. A report by SRSL for Argyll & Bute Council. pp. 190