Carla Ruiz González

        Support scientist Carla Ruiz González wearing white lab coat sitting in lab sub-culturing a sample

Microbiology Support Scientist

I am a marine scientist with interests in the sustainable exploitation of algae. I have been extracting compounds of research interest from different species of algae.

Currently, I support the GenialG and GlobalSeaweedSTAR projects.

Contact details:

I joined SAMS in July 2018 as a Lipid Analyst for various projects. Currently, I support the projects GENIALG and GlobalSeaweedStar.

To accomplish this, I am involved in the cultivation and maintenance of algal cultures (Ectocarpus.sp, Saccharina latissimia, Bangia.sp). I contribute to the biobanking, phenotyping and cryopreservation of novel Saccharina latissima strains. I also help to characterise molecular tools such as PCR and qPCR for barcoding and pathogen detection in algal samples.



Brown TA, Rad-Menéndez C, Ray JL, Skaar KS, Thomas N, Ruiz-Gonzalez C, Leu E. (2020) Influence of nutrient availability on Arctic sea ice diatom HBI lipid synthesis. Organic Geochemistry

Employment history

Since 2020 Microbiology Support Scientist. SAMS

2019 Lipid Analyst. SAMS

2016-17 Intern. IMEDMAR



2017 BSc (Hons) Grado en Ciencias del Mar. Catholic University of Valencia (with Erasmus exchange stay at SAMS UHI)


Training courses

2017 Open Water Diver. PADI

2010 Aquatic Lifeguard. Royal Spanish Rescue and Lifeguard Federation