Master by Research

SAMS offers one-year full-time research projects (two-year part-time) leading to the award of Masters by Research from the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Research projects are offered within research areas including:

  • >Marine renewable energy
  • >Physical oceanography
  • >Climate processes
  • >Marine ecology - from coastal to deep sea
  • >Arctic seas and sea ice dynamics
  • >Modelling
  • >Marine policy and governance
  • >Aquaculture
  • >Microbial and molecular biology
  • >Sediment geochemistry
  • >Palaeoceanography
  • >Biogeochemistry

We currently have no funded studentships for Master by research projects.

The following is a list of possible projects for one-year full-time (two-year part-time) Master by Research degrees for self-funded students:

  • >Multi-decadal changes in the west of Scotland coastal ecosystem (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Fishers attitudes to sustainability certification schemes (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Implications of large offshore renewable arrays for fisheries (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Dispersal of early life stages of flatfish on the west of Scotland (Dr Clive Fox, Prof Mike Burrows)
  • >Analysis of spurdog tag data for the west of Scotland (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Consumption of fish eggs by herring in the Irish Sea (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Can the Gulf VII pup-sampler quantitatively sample zooplankton? (Dr Clive Fox)
  • >Reconstruction of individual flatfish growth histories from otolith microincrements (Dr Clive Fox, Prof Mike Burrows)
  • >Developing a fjord box model for high latitudes (Dr Finlo Cottier, Prof Mark Inall)

Students on this programme pay research postgraduate tuition fees of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

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Master by research reference form 2016

Guidance for postgraduate applicants 2016

To discuss your eligibility and to define your project, please get in touch.


T: +44 (0) 1631 559 427 (Fiona Tindall, Postgraduate Admissions)