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Velocity Trajectory Google Earth Maps

Download Google Earth layers to accompany our new Nature paper:

Burrows, M. T., D. S. Schoeman, A. J. Richardson, J. García Molinos, A. Hoffmann, L. B. Buckley, P. Moore, C. Brown, J. F. Bruno, C. M. Duarte, B. S. Halpern, O. Hoegh Guldberg, C. V. Kappel, W. Kiessling, M. I. O’Connor, J. M. Pandolfi, C. Parmesan, W. J. Sydeman, S. Ferrier, K. J. Williams, and E. S. Poloczanska. (2014). Geographical limits to species-range shifts are suggested by climate velocity. Nature, Volume 506 Number 7487, 14 February 2014

Use the contents pane in Google Earth to re-order and switch layers on and off.


Animations of shifting temperatures for 1960 to 2009 are here as video files:


Wave fetch model

This model is used to indicate the likely relative wave exposure in coastal regions, published here:

Burrows, M. T., R. Harvey, and L. Robb. 2008. Wave exposure indices from digital coastlines and the prediction of rocky shore community structure. Marine Ecology Progress Series 353:1–12.

Burrows, M. T. 2012. Influences of wave fetch, tidal flow and ocean colour on subtidal rocky communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series 445:193–207.

Wave fetch for world regions produced using the model

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