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    Scientific Robotics Academy

Our mission for the Academy is two-fold.

We will train the next generation of environmental and climate scientists in the capability and use of autonomous instrumented platforms.

We will teach the present generation of engineers in the needs, desires and challenges of the marine science community who monitor the planet.

This fusion of learning will enhance the experience of our students and our teaching professionals.

Funded by UK Government 

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Dr Phil Anderson: SRA Lead Scientist
I work on the physics of coherent structures in the stable boundary layer, whilst developing the use of small robotic aircraft for measuring the structure of the atmosphere near the sea surface. With my team, I use these techniques to investigate sea-ice dynamics in the Arctic and to explain the observed dramatic reduction in summer-time sea-ice coverage. More… 

Dr Phil Peterson: SRA Senior Engineer

I am the Scientific Robotics Academy’s Senior Engineer, responsible for developing and maintaining the facility's robotic vehicles. I also contribute to teaching work and assisting in mission planning and deployment in support of SAMS scientific activities. I am a physicist by training and completed a doctorate in pollution monitoring instrumentation at the University of Leicester.

Libby Smith: SRA Project Manager

I am Project Manager for the Scientific Robotics Academy, with responsibilities including coordinating workstreams, engaging with stakeholders, and planning SRA events and training activities. Prior to this position, I worked in science communication, research and development, and completed a master’s degree in international marine science at Heriot Watt University. 

Petra Rybanska: Robotics & Ocean Mapping Technician

Hello! My name is Petra, and I joined the Marine Robotics Technical team in 2023 to support the data acquisition, processing, and analysis activities in bathymetric mapping, seabed imaging and marine robotics as Robotics and Ocean Mapping Technician at SAMS.

I am excited to be part of a collaborative project between the extraordinary engineers, scientists and researchers and a Scientific Robotics Academy here at SAMS merging the development and use of marine and airborne robotics to deliver cutting-edge environmental research and training programs transferring expertise knowledge between science and technology to a wide range of audience, such as students, collaborators, and other customers.

Rich Dale: Senior Drones Pilot

I am an IT Support Analyst at SAMS and for the past six years have served as the Senior Drones Pilot, focusing on managing the safety and regulatory aspects of our operations in the UK and Arctic. I have been actively involved in commercial UAS operations for over 12 years. With a background in computing and robotics, my passion for aviation has been a constant driving force. More...


We are currently developing our course offering and will publish information here as soon as details become available.

If you want to find out more, please contact Libby in the first instance: Libby.Smith@sams-enterprise.com

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