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Open Evening

National Science Week

We invite everyone to visit our laboratory: discover what research we do, what we find, and what the implications of this research may be. The information is showcased by means of displays and short, general talks. But most importantly, students and staff are available to talk and discuss with visitors, so you can find out exactly what interests you. There will also be information on the latest developments at the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology, and at the UHI Millennium Institute (the future University of the Highlands and Islands).

The evening is for all the family, and children are very welcome. A quiz should keep young visitors on their toes, and they can win a prize donated by Ottakar's Oban bookshop.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.



  • Cold water coral reefs
  • Artificial reefs
  • Sustainable aquaculture
  • Alien species
  • Making measurements for physical oceanography
  • Sea ice and climate change in polar regions
  • Arctic pollution and working with mud
  • Reconstructing past climates from sediment records
  • Genetics of marine organisms and their use in biotechnology
  • The power of plankton
  • Toxic algae
  • Homer - developing a new instrument
  • Using seabed landers to study the oceans

Programme of talks presented in the SAMS William Speirs Bruce Conference Room:

6.00 'Sounds under the Sea' by Dr Ben Wilson

6.30 'Climate change on the west coast of Scotland' by Dr Toby Sherwin

7.00 'Sounds under the Sea' by Dr Ben Wilson

7.30 'Cool: Undertaking research in the Arctic' by Dr Tracy Shimmield

8.00 'Climate change on the west coast of Scotland' by Dr Toby Sherwin

8.30 'Cool: Undertaking research in the Arctic' by Dr Tracy Shimmield


Other National Science Week activities delivered by SAMS:

9 March: Dr Maeve Kelly delivers a public lecture ' Seaweeds - the ultimate resource' at Inverness College as part of the

               'Natural Resources of the Highlands and Islands' evening.

9 - 10 March: 'Seaweeds  - the ultimate resource' display showcasing SAMS work at the Innovations in Natural Products

                event at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Inverness.

12 March: Dr Ben Wilson speaks in Edinburgh at the IgNobel 2006 tour

15 March: 150 local primary school children visit SAMS for a 2 hour programme

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