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Humpback Whale visits SAMS

28 Feb 19: Marine conservation lecture on our beach as adolescent humpback whale gets stranded in shallow waters right outside...

MRes projects announced

We are currently offering five research projects for the MRes Algal Biotechnology, Biology and Ecology starting in the autumn of 2019. Apply by 6 May.

Oomycete Molecular Genetics meeting

Registration is open for the 20th Oomycete Molecular Genetics Network Annual Meeting that we host 10-12 July 2019

Latest news

Teenager Alik Aleynik turned the spotlight on SAMS scientists with his Sixty Second Science film project

Thu, Mar 21, '19

Explain your science in 60 seconds

Teenager's film project puts scientists under the spotlight

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ACES student Andrew Richardson receives the 2019 Lantra Scotland Higher Education Learner of the Year prize from farmer and stand-up comic Jim Smith

Fri, Mar 8, '19

Education award win is just ACES

SAMS UHI student Andrew Richardson takes Higher Education prize

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Minke whales are among the largest marine species regularly visiting the Scottish coast but little is known about their behaviours and lifestyle

Tue, Mar 5, '19

Listening in on the mysterious Minke

Minke whale recorded for the first time off Scotland’s east coast

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The young humpback whale was stuck on the shore near to SAMS during the morning's low tide

Thu, Feb 28, '19

Whale returns to the ocean after SAMS stranding

Stranding response gives students real life conservation lecture

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Latest papers

Microplastics and synthetic particles ingested by deep-sea amphipods in six of the deepest marine ecosystems on Earth

AJ Jamieson, LSR Brooks, WDK Reid, SB Piertney, BE Narayanaswamy & TD Linley

R. Soc. Open Sci, Vol 6
02, 27, 2019
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Plankton lifeforms as a biodiversity indicator for regional-scale assessment of pelagic habitats for policy

McQuatters-Gollop A, A Atkinson, A Aubert, J Bedford, M Best, E Bresnan, K Cook, M Devlin, R Gowen, DG Johns, M Machairopoulou, A McKinney, A Mellor, C Ostle, C Scherer & P Tett

Ecological Indicators, 101
02, 8, 2019
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A sea change in our view of overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic

M.S. Lozier, F. Li, S. Bacon, F. Bahr, A.S. Bower, S.A. Cunningham, M.F. de Jong, L. de Steur, B. deYoung, J. Fischer, S.F. Gary, B.J.W. Greenan, N.P. Holliday, A. Houk, L. Houpert, M.E. Inall, W.E. Johns, H.L. Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Karstensen, G. Koman, I.A. Le Bras, X. Lin, N. Mackay, D.P. Marshall, H. Mercier, M. Oltmanns, R.S. Pickart, A.L. Ramsey, D. Rayner, F. Straneo, V. Thierry, D.J. Torres, R.G. Williams, C. Wilson, J. Yang, I. Yashayaev, J. Zhao

Science, Vol 363
02, 1, 2019
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Navigating pluralism: Understanding perceptions of the ecosystem services concept

Ainscough, J., de Vries Lentsch, A., Metzger, M., Rounsevell, M., Schröter, M., Delbaere, B., de Groot, D. and Staes

Ecosystem Services Vol 36
04, 1, 2019
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