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Divers collect wild seaweeds in Malaysia

Mon, Jun 17, '24

UK and Malaysia share seaweed knowledge

Partnership project will help protect wild stocks

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Autonomous underwater vehicles, known as gliders, were able to detect the marine heatwave as it happened last June.

Fri, May 31, '24

Marine heatwave boosted UK land temperature record

Scientists warn that higher sea surface temperatures will become commonplace.

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Experts are calling for greater protection of seaweed forests, which have been identified as significant contributors to oceanic carbon removal

Wed, May 22, '24

Seaweed forests an overlooked ally in carbon removal

SAMS scientist among international experts calling for greater protection

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PhD student Adam Francis was treated to a spectacular Aurora Borealis in the Canadian Arctic

Mon, May 20, '24

Transatlantic connections in the Canadian Arctic

SAMS research student joins fieldwork team in Hudson Bay

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Latest papers

Carbon export from seaweed forests to deep ocean sinks

Filbee-Dexter, K.... Burrows M et al

Nature Geoscience
05, 22, 2024
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Protecting Children's Rights to Development and Culture by Re-Imagining 'Ocean Literacies'

Strand M, Shields S, Morgera E, McGarry D, Malinde SN A, Brown L, Snow B

International Journal of Children's Rights 31
12, 12, 2023
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Fish-Killing Marine Algal Blooms: Causative Organisms, Ichthyotoxic Mechanisms, Impacts and Mitigation

GlobalHAB (Eds: Hallegraeff GM, Andeson DM, Davidson K, Gianelli F, Hansen PJ, Hegaret H, Iwataki M, Larsen TO, Mardones J, MacKenzie L, Rensel JE) 

11, 6, 2023
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Analysis across case‑based global sustainability projects: an emerging challenge for ocean conflict research in the Anthropocene

Glaser M, Selim SA, de la Cruz-Modino R, van Putten I, Canela SA, Paytan A, Dutra LXC, Heck N, Narayan S, Sauer W, Boonstra WJ, Snow B

Maritime Studies (2023)
11, 7, 2023
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