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Students made a welcome return to campus in late 2021 after lockdown

Fri, Dec 31, '21

SAMS review of the year - 2021

A look back at some highlights from 2021

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Prof Michael Burrows has been included in the Highly Cited Researchers List for the second successive year.

Tue, Nov 16, '21

Professor makes 'Highly Cited' list

Prof Michael Burrows recognised for climate change work

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The global seaweed industry supports more than six million farmers

Wed, Nov 10, '21

Global seaweed industry must adapt to survive

SAMS-led programme issues policy brief outlining eight recommendations

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Latest papers

Plastics in the Indian Ocean – sources, transport, distribution and impacts.

Pattiaratchi C, van der Mheen M, Schlundt C, Narayanaswamy BE, Sura A, Hajbane S, White R, Kumar N, Fernandes M & Wijeratne S

Ocean Science 18
01, 6, 2022
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Assessing the Toxicity and Mitigating the Impact of Harmful Prymnesium Blooms in Eutrophic Waters of the Norfolk Broads

Wagstaff BA, Pratscher J, Rivera PP, Hems ES, Brooks E, Rejzek M, Todd JD, Murrell JC, Field RA

Environmental Science & Technology, 55, 24
12, 9, 2021
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Temporal and spatial patterns of harmful algae affecting Scottish shellfish aquaculture

Gianella F, Burrows MT, Swan SC, Turner AD, Davidson K

Frontiers in Marine Science, 8
12, 22, 2021
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Modelling seabed sediment physical properties and organic matter content in the Clyde

Pace MC, Bailey DM, Donnan DW, Narayanaswamy BE, Smith HJ, Spiers DC, Turrell, Heath MR

Earth System Science Data; 13
12, 21, 2021
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