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Large bubblegum corals on a cold water coral reef 1200m below the sea surface. Photo courtesy of the NERC funded Deep Links Project (University of Plymouth, Oxford University, JNCC, BGS)

Wed, Nov 25, '20

International call to explore mysteries of the deep

Scottish scientists join call for decade-long deep sea study

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An Antarctic blue whale surfaces off South Georgia. Photo: Amy Kennedy

Thu, Nov 19, '20

Blue whale community back from near extinction

A community has returned to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia

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SAMS scientists on board the RRS Discovery prepare a CTD for deployment

Wed, Oct 21, '20

BLOG: Uncovering the secrets of our ocean

The ocean can't store our excess carbon forever

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Latest papers

A decade to study deep-sea life

Howell KL, ... Narayanaswamy BE... 

Nature Ecology & Evolution (Comment)
11, 25, 2020
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Daily transcriptomes of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus during the summer solstice at high Arctic latitudes

Payton L, Noirot C, Hoede C, Hüppe L, Last K, Wilcockson D, Ershova EA, Valière S, Meyer B

Scientific Data 7
11, 24, 2020
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Arctic seals as tracers of environmental and ecological change

de la Vega C, Mahaffey C, Tuerena RE, Yurkowski DJ, Ferguson SH, Stenson GB, Nordøy ES, Haug T, Biuw M, Smout S, Hopkins J, Tagliabue A and Jeffreys RM

Limnology and Oceanography Letters 2020
11, 12, 2020
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Community-level impact of trawl selectivity in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea assessed using an ecosystem modelling approach

Saygu I, Heymans JJ, Fox CJ, Zbilgin H Ö, Benley J, Eryasar AR, Gokce G 

ICES Journal of Marine Science
11, 17, 2020
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