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The location of SAMS UHI by the sea allows for lots of fieldwork opportunities

Fri, Sep 17, '21

Teaching at SAMS UHI among best in UK

Institute records 100% satisfaction rate from students

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Dr Robyn Tuerena received the Challenger-Woodward Fellowship from the Challenger Society

Thu, Sep 16, '21

SAMS scientist awarded prestigious fellowship

Researcher tipped to become international leader in nutrient biogeochemistry

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First and second year students at SAMS UHI celebrate their arrival on campus.

Mon, Sep 6, '21

Students all smiles as face-to-face teaching returns

Programme leader pays tribute to lecturers for distance learning success

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The team will examine fresh water flow from the Kronebreen glacier

Fri, Aug 13, '21

Uncovering the hidden link in glacier melting

Marine robotics deployed on 'dangerous' mission to the glacier face

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