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Growing more seaweed through scientist - grower collaborations

SAMS' Liz Cottier-Cook leads a project that supports the expansion of sustainable and profitable seaweed farming in developing countries

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Topic: Optimising strain selection and developing a biorefinery for industrially relevant micro-algae. Apply by 17 June 2019 at 5 pm

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Dr John Howe, BSc Marine Science programme leader at SAMS UHI and Prof Louis Keiner, Associate Professor of Physics and Physical Oceanography at CCU announce the beginning of a student exchange programme between their respective institutes, as SAMS UHI staff and CCU students involved in this year’s field course look on.

Tue, Jun 4, '19

Carolina calling for SAMS UHI students

Budding marine scientists to benefit from transatlantic twinning

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Dr Valeria Montalescot of SAMS helping to harvest seaweed at a farm in Bohol, Philippines as part of the GlobalSeaweedSTAR project. Photo: Maria Luhan

Wed, May 15, '19

Researchers bring seaweed biosecurity issue to top table

Researchers highlight biosecurity risks of seaweed farming

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SAMS UHI’s newest Professors Finlo Cottier and Michele Stanley, centre, with Dr Claire Gachon, who has been awarded the title of Reader

Tue, Apr 23, '19

SAMS UHI scientists awarded professorships

University recognises world-renowned marine scientists

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SAMS Director Prof Nicholas Owens is the current POGO chairman

Mon, Mar 25, '19

POGO plea to plug ocean knowledge gap

United nations of oceanography urges global commitment

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Latest papers

Common and Antarctic Minke Whales: Conservation Status and Future Research Directions

Risch D, Norris T, Curnock M, Friedlaender A

Frontiers in Marine Research Vol 6
05, 14, 2019
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Biosecurity implications of the highly invasive carpet sea-squirt Didemnum vexillum Kott, 2002 for a protected area of global significance

Cottier-Cook, E.J., Minchin, D., Geisler, R., Graham, J., Mogg, A., Sayer, M.D., Matejusova, I.

Management of Biological Invasions Vol 10
05, 14, 2019
Read abstract
Biochemical diversity of glycosphingolipid biosynthesis as a driver of Coccolithovirus competitive ecology

Nissimov JI, Talmy D, Haramaty L, Fredricks HF, Zelzion E, Knowles B, Murat Eren A, Vandzura R, Laber CP, Schieler BM, Johns CT, More KD, Coolen MJL, Follows MJ, Bhattacharya D, Van Mooy BAS, Bidle KD

Environmental Microbiology
04, 18, 2019
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Application of lipidomics in bivalve aquaculture, a review

Laudicella V, Whitfield PD, Carboni S, Doherty MK, Hughes, AD

Reviews in Aquaculture
04, 1, 2019
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