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Recruitment of a new Chair for SAMS' Governing Council

BSc Marine Science open day

Join us on 2 Nov at SAMS and experience our marine science programme at the #universityonthebeach and life around Oban

Short courses

30-31 Oct: Introductory course in Algaculture for Biotechnology delivered by leading algal experts from SAMS & CCAP

Latest news

Dr Hannah Grist has been shortlisted for the David Robertson Adult Award for recording marine and coastal wildlife

Wed, Oct 17, '18

Coastal detective up for biology prize

Capturing Our Coast scientist shortlisted for UK award

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This Haihai Minke whale is one of the exhibits capturing the imagination

Tue, Oct 16, '18

Thousands attend unique ocean exhibition

Last chance to see Sea Creatures event in Scotland

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PhDs projects will enhance our knowledge of the seas

Thu, Oct 11, '18

PhD numbers on the rise at SAMS

SAMS collaborations win part of £100m PhD fund

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Scientists Dr Marie Porter, Prof Mark Inall, Estelle Dumont, Dr Emily Venables, Dr Clare Johnson and Dr Sam Jones celebrate Talisker's 10th birthday

Thu, Sep 27, '18

Birthday party for robotic oceanographer

SAMS marks 10th year of trailblazing Seaglider Talisker

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Latest papers

A general framework for combining ecosystem models.

Spence, M.A., Blanchard, J.L., Rossberg,  A.G., Heath, M.R.,  Heymans, J.J., Mackinson, S., Serpetti, N., Speirs, D.C., Thorpe, R.B., Blackwell, P.G.

Fish and Fisheries 2018; 00
08, 15, 2018
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Categorizing and Naming Marine Heatwaves

Hobday, A. J., E. C. J. Oliver, A. S. Gupta, J. A. Benthuysen, M. T. Burrows, M. G. Donat, N. J. Holbrook, P. J. Moore, M. S. Thomsen, T. Wernberg and D. A. Smale

Oceanography 31(2)
05, 15, 2018
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SAMS AGM: 07 Dec 2018

All members are warmly invited to our 104th annual general meeting

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