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SAMS filmmaker Andy Crabb takes delivery of the Sulis underwater camera as Prof Bhavani Narayanaswamy, Sarah Reed and Prof Nicholas Owens look on

Thu, Jun 10, '21

Deep water camera to help SAMS explore the ocean

Renowned natural environment film producer makes generous donation in the name of science

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A porpoise swims off the west coast of Scotland. Pic: Lewis Drysdale

Wed, Jun 9, '21

'Seal scarer' noise may harm porpoise

Study from 2017 data shows extent of west coast noise

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Prof John Howe's inaugural lecture will take place on World Oceans Day, June 8

Mon, May 17, '21

SAMS UHI academic recognised with professorship

Prof Howe will give inaugural lecture on World Oceans Day

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Seaweed nursery manager Callum O'Connell examines seaweed grown at the SAMS seaweed farm

Fri, May 14, '21

Funding boost for seaweed nursery plan

Nursery development to help growing industry in the region

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Latest papers

Characterization of plastic debris from surface waters of the eastern Arabian Sea–Indian Ocean

Naidu SA, Mawii L, Ranga Rao V, Anitha G, Narayanaswamy BE, Anil Kumar V, Ramana Murthy MV & Gupta GVM

Marine Pollution Bulletin 169
05, 25, 2021
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LC-MSn profiling reveals seasonal variation in the composition of Osmundea pinnatifida (Hudson) Stackhouse

Biancacci C, McDougall GJ, Allwood JW, Day DJ, Davidson K and Stanley MS

Journal of Applied Phycology
05, 8, 2021
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Mytilus trossulus introgression and consequences for shell traits in longline cultivated mussels

Michalek K, Vendrami DLJ, Bekaert M, Green DH, Last KS, Telesca L, Wilding TA, Hoffman JI

Evolutionary Applications 2021; 00
05, 4, 2021
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Global-scale patterns of observed sea surface salinity intensified since the 1870s

Gould JW and Cunningham SA

Nature Communications Earth & Environment 2
04, 26, 2021
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