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Latest news

Talisker embarks on SAMS’ first glider mission 10 years ago

Sat, Oct 12, '19

Marine robotics’ decade of discovery

Glider launch 10 years ago marked step change in data capture

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SIMBA units can withstand temperatures as low a -40 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for work in the Arctic.

Thu, Oct 3, '19

SAMS' part in largest Arctic expedition

SAMS Research Services Ltd technology will measure sea ice thickness

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Mon, Sep 23, '19

Scotland making Arctic Connections

Highland launch for Scotland's bid to be European gateway

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Dr Georgina Robinson has been awarded a fellowship worth £1.2m

Fri, Sep 20, '19

'Rising star' marine scientist wins prestigious fellowship

Study to explore how farming waste could help sustain growing population

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Latest papers

Effects of mine tailings exposure on early life stages of Atlantic cod

Reinardy HC, Pedersen KB, Nahrgang J, Frantzen M.

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 38 (7)
07, 1, 2019
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'Ectrogella' Parasitoids of the Diatom Licmophora sp are Polyphyletic

Garvetto A, Perrineau MM, Dressler-Allame M, Bresnan E and Gachon CMM

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
07, 8, 2019
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Common and Antarctic Minke Whales: Conservation Status and Future Research Directions

Risch D, Norris T, Curnock M, Friedlaender A

Frontiers in Marine Research Vol 6
05, 14, 2019
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Biosecurity implications of the highly invasive carpet sea-squirt Didemnum vexillum Kott, 2002 for a protected area of global significance

Cottier-Cook, E.J., Minchin, D., Geisler, R., Graham, J., Mogg, A., Sayer, M.D., Matejusova, I.

Management of Biological Invasions Vol 10
05, 14, 2019
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