BioDiversity Pro


BioDiversity Pro software is a free statistical package programme for Windows PC enabling many measures of diversity to be calculated for a dataset of taxa by samples. The programme remains available free from SAMS as it is recognised that it is still useful to many people around the world.

Graphics plots are possible such as rarefaction, principle components, correspondence and cluster analyses as well as descriptive statistics, Kulczynski, Mann-Whitney, Rank correlation, variance-covariance and others.

The download file is a zipped file.  If it does not self-extract you should unzip the files to a temporary folder and then initiate the installation by opening the 'setup.exe' programme.

Download BioDiversity Pro notes.

Download Biodiversity Pro zip files.


History and caution

BioDiversity Pro was developed a long time ago in computer terms and was written originally for Windows 95 but many people still find it useful.  

Since the programme has not been updated for more recent operating systems it may not function fully on Windows PC operating systems beyond XP. It can run on Windows XP but may lose functionality when installed on other systems such as Windows Vista.

A common problem at installation is that some of the system files BioDiversity attempts to install are now older than those already on present PC systems. In those cases chose the option NOT to install i.e. don't install the older versions supplied with BDPro! The BDPro installation programme sees different system files on your computer and assumes they are older when in fact they are more modern.


For citation use

McAleece, N., Gage, J.D.G., Lambshead, P.J.D., Paterson, G.L.J. (1997) BioDiversity Professional statistics analysis software. Jointly developed by the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the Natural History Museum London.