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    Marine Mammals at SAMS
    Meet SAMS Marine Mammal Research Team (SMMRT)

SAMS Marine Mammal Research Team (SMMRT)

The SMMR-Team studies the ecology of marine top predators in cold and temperate seas with a focus on the coasts off western Scotland. We are interested in their distribution, behaviour and favoured habitats, how human activities impact their lives and seek ways to help conserve their populations.

Species groups of particular focus include baleen whales, odontocete cetaceans (especially dolphins and porpoises) as well as large elasmobranchs. We use a range of techniques to collect data including passive acoustic monitoring from fixed, floating and robotic platforms, acoustic localisation, ambient sound mapping, photo-identification and citizen science. We apply innovative methods of data analysis including machine learning and population impact modelling.

Our studies are often applied to activities associated with the Blue Economy including offshore renewables (wind, wave and tidal-stream technologies), shipping, fishing and aquaculture.

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Marine Mammals at SAMS