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New funding for EuroCoML Project hosted at SAMS

EuroCoML Project Office continues at SAMS

EuroCoML LogoEuroCoML LogoThe European Census of Marine Life was recently awarded funding by the TOTAL Foundation and the Alfred Sloan Foundation to ensure that the final phase of the Census of Marine Life Programme is undertaken in Europe. 

The deadline for achieving CoML’s ultimate objective of the first ever global marine census is fast approaching (2010). The many exciting discoveries that have been made require to be analysed fully, and results synthesised in such a way as to be useful and meaningful to other scientists, funding agencies and the general public. The long-lasting success and legacy of the programme is dependent on this final phase and coordination by EuroCoML will help ensure increased collaboration and exchange of results and will reduce repetition and overlap. The European scientific community are extremely keen and willing to participate in this first ever synthesis of marine biodiversity.


For further information on the European Census of Marine Life please visit the website – or contact the project officer on eurocoml @

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