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BioMara wins widespread publicity for SAMS

BioMara, the new marine biofuels project, was launched at SAMS on 3 April 2009 by Scottish energy minister, Jim Mather MSP. SAMS is the lead scientific partner in this 6 million research project, which aims to demonstrate the viability, feasibility and sustainability of biofuel generation from algal biomass.

BioMara research at SAMS will be carried out in the Microbial & Molecular Biology Department, where algal strains held within the CCAP will be screened for their oil-producing potential.

Along with the launch event there has been widespread media coverage, including:

  •  'This is the sea' article by Michele Stanley and Laila Sadler page 31 of the March issue The Parliament Magazine's Research Review. Michele Stanley, lead BioMara scientist, is effectively looking to the sea for the next generation of biofuels, where the potential to exploit marine algae for energy could help solve the food-versus-fuel debate.
  • Arcticle in The Scotsman newspaper 4 April 2009, covering the Biomara launch

To find out more on this project visit the Biomara website.

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