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To the shelf edge we go

June 11th, 2012 - Today SAMS scientists set sail on a major research cruise aboard RRS Discovery. Sailing to the western edge of the European continental shelf, they will investigate the processes that drive oceanic waters into the shelf seas surrounding the UK.

Led by Prof Mark Inall at SAMS, Fluxes Across the Sloping Topography of the North East Atlantic (FASTNEt) is a major NERC-funded research programme that aims to construct a new model of Ocean/Shelf exchange.

In this experiment FASTNEt researchers from SAMS, Bangor, NOC and Liverpool will deploy state-of-the-art robotic sea gliders and satellite tagged drifters to gain a long-term view of the fundamental processes that shape the properties of our territorial waters.

This, the first of a series of research cruises, will end on July 2nd – the 50th anniversary of the launch in 1962 of the iconic RRS Discovery in Aberdeen.

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