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SURGE to meet at SAMS

SURGE, the Scottish Universities Research in Glacial Environments group, is coming together this week at SAMS to focus on glacier-ocean interactions.

The two-day meeting on January 25-26 will explore the crossover between glaciology and oceanography. This, the group’s third meeting, aims to draw together the communities of the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES) and the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS). Day one will be an Open Glaciology session; day two an Ocean-Glacier session.

Participants at this meeting are involved in glaciology, oceanongraphy, remote sensing, observational platforms and sensors and come from eight organisations in the Scottish research community. More than half of the 32 participants will be giving short talks on their research in Greenland, the Atlantic, Europe and Antarctica, and PhD students have been encouraged to display academic posters or present the aims of their on-going theses.

SURGE is an initiative set up through SAGES to promote discussion and teamwork between researchers in Scotland specifically looking into snow and ice. Last year’s meeting encouraged the group to consider other questions affecting glaciology, such as interactions of frozen water with bedrock, sediment, the atmosphere, oceans and even volcanoes. SURGE is working to boost and foster interdisciplinary collaboration and participants at this meeting are invited to a Burns Night supper on January 25th where more informal discussions can be held and connections strengthened.

The meeting has received financial support from SAGES, MASTS and Oceans 2025 Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative.

For more information please contact Dr Finlo Cottier

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