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Come to a lecture on aquaculture!

Oban, 25 April 2014 -- In a public lecture on aquaculture next week, Professor Kenny Black will discuss why the farming of fish, shellfish and seaweeds has, over the past few decades, grown much faster in developing countries than in developed nations.

Professor Black, who is a principal investigator in marine ecology at SAMS, will talk about some of the issues related to the expansion of aquaculture sites, including planning, carrying capacity, social licence and interactions other sea users.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, Professor Black said: “Seafood is a healthy food option and our ever growing human population is in need of inexpensive high-quality food. But we also need to ensure that we develop aquaculture in an environmentally sustainable format. In my lecture I will reflect on these drivers and the various responses from across the global industry.”

Professor Black was made a professor by the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) last year and to mark this he is giving this lecture, known as an inaugural lecture, as part of the UHI's public lecture series.

Director of SAMS Professor Laurence Mee said: “I am greatly looking forward to Professor Black’s inaugural lecture on aquaculture. He has researched the relationship between aquaculture and the environment for the last 30 years.

"Kenny’s insights draw upon the 130 years that our organisation has been engaged in practical research on aquaculture and he uses these insights to peer into the future. Kenny is an internationally respected expert called upon for advice on aquaculture across the globe.”

Professor Black’s inaugural lecture, Finding Space for Aquaculture, will take place at SAMS, near Oban, from 5:15pm to 7pm on Wednesday 30 April.

For directions to the venue please visit

For questions about the event or for joining by video-conference, please email or call 01463 279 344 or contact Susan Szymborski at the University of the Highlands and Islands by email or tel: 01463 279222

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