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Bacterial emulsifier with biotechnology potential discovered at SAMS

Work carried out at SAMS by Tony Gutierriez and colleagues, and published in the latest edition of Biotechnology & Bioengineering, has revealed an extra cellular polymeric substance (EPS) produced by the marine bacterium, Halomonas sp.

This substance has special emulsifying properties with potential biotechnological applications. You can read more about this work on the emulsifiers pages of the website.

This work was funded by a NERC Follow-fund NE/E523272/1.

Tony Gutierrez, Gordon Morris & David Green. (2009) Yield and physicochemical properties of EPS from Halomonas sp. strain TG39 identifies a role for protein and anionic residues (sulfate and phosphate) in emulsification of n-hexadecane.  Biotechnology & Bioengineering Vol. 103(1): 207-216

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