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Professor Michael Meredith joins SAMS

Eminent Antarctic oceanographer, Professor Michael Meredith, today joins the staff at SAMS on an 18-month part-time contract.

Professor Meredith is currently the head of the Polar Oceans research programme at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in Cambridge and he will divide his time between SAMS and BAS.

At SAMS Professor Meredith is a member of the Physics, Sea Ice and Technology Department and he will contribute mainly to the glider programme, research in the Arctic and to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Professor Meredith’s research shows a keenness to work across disciplines to understand the marine system more completely; looking at how physical processes impact the ecosystem and how the biological components of the ocean can inform us about the physics. SAMS is well known for its atmosphere and philosophy of active interdisciplinary research and it is anticipated this new relationship will work well.

Professor Meredith is well-known internationally and is involved in several influential international committees including Chair of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) steering committee; member of the Partnership for Observations of the Global Ocean (POGO); and member of the International Advisory Board of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Marine Research, Germany.

Professor Meredith’s position is funded by the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI). SAMS is an academic partner in the UHI providing specialised undergraduate courses and postgraduate research opportunities in marine science.

His appointment will help strengthen the link between SAMS and BAS and continue to increase our knowledge of the oceans from pole to pole.


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