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PhDs to address aquaculture issues

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS UHI) is seeking to help solve some of the most pressing issues in European marine science as the deadline for three ‘cutting edge’ PhDs approaches.

Funded through the European Strategic Investment Fund (ESIF), the PhDs available at the Oban-based SAMS UHI will address: harmful algal bloom predictions; commercial bivalve production; and increasing microalgae supply for use in aquaculture.

And as the deadline (June 6) for applications approaches, Dr Bhavani Narayanaswamy, Head of SAMS Graduate School, said she was looking forward to meeting the successful applicants.

“As policy makers place increasing importance on food security and sustainability, people are looking closely at how the aquaculture industry is developing.

“More than half of fin and shellfish consumed globally are being produced through aquaculture - a paradigm change in our exploitation of the sea, so it is clear that research will have to play a key part as the industry changes and develops.

“I am excited about the prospect of SAMS UHI students being at the cutting edge and helping to shape policy and guidelines in the future.”

The three PhDs available are: Using Microalgal Mixotrophy to Maximise Larval Nutrition; Lipidomic and Proteomic Investigations of Commercial Bivalve Production in Scotland; and Improving the prediction of harmful algal blooms for Scottish aquaculture.

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