Daily transcriptomes of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus during the summer solstice at high Arctic latitudes

The zooplankter Calanus finmarchicus is a member of the so-called “Calanus Complex”, a group of copepods that constitutes a key element of the Arctic polar marine ecosystem, providing a crucial link between primary production and higher trophic levels. Climate change induces the shift of C. finmarchicusto higher latitudes with currently unknown impacts on its endogenous timing. Here we generated a daily transcriptome of C. finmarchicus at two high Arctic stations, during the more extreme time of Midnight Sun, the summer solstice. While the southern station (74.5 °N) was sea ice-free, the northern one (82.5 °N) was sea ice-covered. The mRNAs of the 42 samples have been sequenced with an average of 126 ± 5 million reads (mean ± SE) per sample, and aligned to the reference transcriptome. We detail the quality assessment of the datasets and the complete annotation procedure, providing the possibility to investigate daily gene expression of this ecologically important species at high Arctic latitudes, and to compare gene expression according to latitude and sea ice-coverage.


Payton L, Noirot C, Hoede C, Hüppe L, Last K, Wilcockson D, Ershova EA, Valière S, Meyer B

Scientific Data 7
11, 24, 2020
Pages: 415
DOI: 10.1038/s41597-020-00751-4