• View of our small research vessel from rear showing recovery of our water sampling rosette with CTD
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    Diverse equipment for water sampling...

Fieldwork equipment to sample the marine environment

Having conducted sampling expeditions since the late 19th century means that SAMS is well equipped with old and new sampling capabilities.

SAMS has a range of equipment suitable for sampling and measuring the marine environment along with the expertise to deploy the equipment and analyse samples and data.

Most of this equipment is available for use on our vessels and external hire.

We also have the capability to support, test and calibrate this equipment thanks to our workshop facilities and staff.


To hire sampling equipment, please contact the SAMS Enterprise team: info@sams-enterprise.com 

Epi-benthic sled

Anchor dredge

Scallop dredge

Reineck box corer

Hamon Grab

Van Veen grab  (a range of sizes and applications)

Smith/McIntyre grab

Ring dredge

NIOZ box corer

Mega corer


Craib corer

Gravity corer


Valeport Midas CTD

Seabird SB19+ CTD

Seabird SB911+ CTD

Castaway mini CTD

ADCP: profiling and single point current meters

Microcat CTD


Remus 600 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


Mooring equipment

Gulf VII: high speed plankton sampler

MIK: net sampler for larger plankton

Ring nets: a selection of mesh sizes with and without flowmeters

Submersible pumped plankton sampler 80 micron mesh to 200m

Multtinet (Mocness)

RMT (rectangular midwater trawl)


Beam trawl 2m

Beam trawl 1.5m

Otter trawl

Beach seine 36m with 8mm centre panel mesh

Beach seine  88m with 12mm centre mesh

Bowtech underwater TV

Aquamonitor - automated water sampler

Niskin bottles

CTD rosette sampler

Sea ice drill