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Marine Art


Local artists used their talents to contribute to the success of a major science conference that was held in Oban from 11-14 September 2006. The Challenger Society Marine Science Conference is the biggest British marine science conference.  It is held every two years at a different laboratory in the UK, and this year it came to Scotland.  Over 250 delegates were hosted by SAMS at the Corran Halls, Oban, and at the Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory. 

In a first attempt by the conference organisers to bring art and science together, an exhibition of marine art was held at SAMS as part of the conference.  As well as artwork from the Oban Art Society and the Appin Art Group, there was a video display by Artwork, a group from Hampshire that collaborates with the National Oceanography Centre.

‘A lot of scientists are keen appreciators of good art, and this year’s conference provided the ideal setting for artists and scientists to share the mutual interest and pleasure that they derive from the sea’ said Dr Toby Sherwin of SAMS. 

‘In addition, the paintings gave visiting scientists the chance to take a break from the rigours of the conference and to experience some personal expressions of the beauty that the west coast of Scotland has to offer.’

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