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58th Meeting of the British Phycological Society

There will be two special sessions during the meeting:

  • “Productivity and photophysiology” organised by Dr Rupert Perkins (Cardiff). Agreed speakers include: Prof John Raven (Dundee), Prof Dieter Hanelt (Hamburg) and Prof Johann Lavaud (Konstanz).
  • “Host pathogen  interactions” organised by Dr Claire Gachon (SAMS).  Agreed speakers include: Prof Gwang Hoon Kim (Chungnam, Korea), Dr William Wilson (Bigelow) and Prof Telesphore Sime-Ngando (Clermont Ferrand).

Other special session speakers still to be confirmed (details in 2nd circular).
The Overseas vice President, Prof Patrizia Albertano (Rome) will give her vice-presidential address. In addition, there will be a special student lecture on multivariate statistics (tbc) as well as the usual Manton prize presentations.

More information, abstract and registration forms go to either the CCAP or BPS website.

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