Dr Lindsay Louise Vare

        Head and shoulder photo of Dr Lindsay Vare

Geochemist Consultant

I am a marine geochemist and project manager for SRSL, with vast experience of managing complex multi-disciplinary and international projects.

My recent focus at SRSL as Geochemistry Consultant has been on mining and the use of DSTP. However, my role covers a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines; ensuring projects are delivered safely to time, cost and quality.

Contact details:
  • Lindsay.Vare@sams.ac.uk
  • +44 (0)1631 559 420

My current role

As Geochemist Consultant I am involved in all consultancy services within SRSL, including, customer account management, customer relationship management, opportunity generation, tender preparation and delivery of SRSL consultancy services within key market sectors (mainly geochemistry and mining amongst others). I work to maintain, develop and improve on the SRSL Quality Management System to ensure successful delivery for the customer.

Research interests

My research interests include the palaeo-reconstruction of past environments through a range of techniques using both inorganic and organic geochemistry. I am also interested in the investigation and assessment of human impacts on the marine environment through the monitoring of pollutants and the study of biogeochemical processes involved in their redistribution.


I lecture on the Marine Science BSc 'Marine Pollution' module in year 3.

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Employment history

Since 2013 Geochemistry Consultant. SRSL

2011-12 STEM Outreach Officer (including recruitment and widening participation activities). University of Hertfordshire

2010-11 Science, Education and Industry Executive. Royal Society of Chemistry

2009-10 Environmental Studies Lecturer, language communication. Nagasaki University, Japan

2007-09 NERC funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow 'IP25 - A novel sea ice proxy'. The University of Plymouth



2013 PGCE teaching qualification in geography. Manchester Metropolitan University

2007 PhD 'An investigation of temporal trends of pollutant inputs within the Arctic Environment. Aberdeen University

2003 MSc (distinction) Marine Resource Development and Protection. Heriot-Watt University

2001 BSc (Hons) Geography. The University of Manchester