Dr Raymond Leakey

        Dr Leakey aboard a research vessel as principal scientific officer

Honorary Research Fellow

I am a marine microbiologist and biological oceanographer with interests the ecology and biogeochemical role of planktonic microorganisms in polar, temperate and tropical waters.

I am currently lead scientist for the design and construction of the UK's new polar research vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough


Contact details:
  • rjl@sams.ac.uk

My research has focused predominantly on the ecology of marine micro-organisms in polar, temperate and tropical waters, and their role in carbon and energy flow. This has included fundamental studies of the diversity, structure and function of protozoan communities, and their micro-algal and bacterial prey, in plankton environments and sea-ice.

I have also undertaken applied studies of the impact of aquaculture activities on planktonic ecosystems, microbial-fish larvae interactions in aquaculture hatchery environments, and the production of biofuels from micro-algae.

I have conducted field studies in the Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans, and in UK, Norwegian, Pakistani, Arctic and Antarctic coastal waters. In summers 2008, 2010 and 2012 I led the NERC-funded ICECHASER 1, ICECHASER 2 and UK Ocean Acidification Arctic research cruises to the Greenland, Norwegian and Barents Seas. 


Research activities

I am currently lead scientist on a major government 5-year capital procurement project: the design and construction of the UK’s New Polar Research Vessel (NPRV), the RRS Sir David Attenborough.


Past research project highlights

Biomara; Icechaser; Northern Seas; Arctic ocean acidification; Diapause

Peer-reviewed publications

Tyrrell, T., Tarling, G.A., Leakey, R.J.G.,  Cripps G., Thorpe, S., Richier, S., Moore, C.M. (2016). Preface to Special Issue (Impacts of surface ocean acidification in polar seas and globally: A field-based approach). Deep Seas Research II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 127, 1-6.

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Other publications

Leakey, R. J. G., RRS Sir David Attenborough Science Cruise Planning and Operations Workshop Report. NERC New Polar Research Vessel Programme. May 2017.

Leakey, R.J.G. (2017). The RRS Sir David Attenborough – the UK’s new polar research vessel. Ocean Challenge, 22, 19-21.

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Leakey, R.J.G., Cottier, F.R., Howe, J.A., Potts, T.W., Turnewitsch, R. and Meldrum, D.T. A review of the current status of UK Arctic research. Report commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. March 2008.

Batty, R.S., Cutts, C., and Leakey, R.J.G. (2003). Rearing protocols for Atlantic Halibut larvae during transition from endogenous to exongenous nutrition. Project completion report for Link Aquaculture FIN22, October 2003. 

Black, K.D., Cook, E.J., Jones, K.J., Kelly, M.S., Leakey, R.J.G, Nickell, T.D., Sayer, M.D.J., Tett, P. and Willis, K. (2002).  Review and synthesis of the environmental impacts of aquaculture.  Report for the Scottish Executive Central Research Unit, 80pp. ISSN 0950 2254, ISBN 0 7559 3403 2


2001-10: Guest lecturer, Glasgow University, Aquatic Biosciences BSc

2001-15: Lecturer, SAMS UHI, Marine Science BSc

2001-15: Lecturer, St Andrews University/SAMS, Master course in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems

2013-14: Guest lecturer, Edinburgh University, Ecological Science BSc


Alumni research students

John Grey: Protozooplankton dynamics in the Antarctic Sea. PhD 1995 (Lancaster)

Aditee Mitra: Zooplankton growth dynamics: a modelling study. PhD 2006 (UHI)

Romain Pete: The influence of organic nutrient perturbation on marine microbial community dynamics. PhD 2006 (UHI)

Undine Achilles-Day: Paramecium bursaria and its endosymbionts. MRes 2011 (Aberdeen)

Jennifer Riley: Shipboard studies of the influence of inorganic seawater chemistry on calcareous microplankton and the biological carbon pump. PhD 2012 (Southampton)

Chair CCGS Amundsen Infrastructure Development Committee: 2016-present

Member of CCGS Amundsen Board of Directors: 2015-present

Member of the NERC Changing Arctic Scoping Group: 2015

Invited witness. UK House of Lords Arctic Committee: 2014

Member of the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership (UKAAP) Steering Committee: 2014

Member of the NERC New Polar Research Vessel Programme Board: 2014-present

Employment history

Since 2015 Science User Lead. Natural Environment Research Council New Polar Research Vessel Programme

2009-15 Lecturer. SAMS

2005-09 Head of Microbial and Molecular Biology Department. SAMS

1997-2005 Research Fellow. SAMS

1989-97 Higher and Senior Scientific Officer. British Antarctic Survey



1983 BSc Biology. University of Stirling

1990 PhD 'Ecology of planktonic ciliates in Southampton Water' University of Southampton