Professor David Meldrum FInstP

        Photo of David Meldrum in Antarctica with two penguins and the research vessel in the background

SAMS Honorary Fellow

I am the retired Head of Technology Development at SAMS, where I led the development of satellite-linked autonomous instruments for ocean and polar observation. With over 100 papers in the subject area, I have served as an office bearer on a number of WMO, IOC, ITU and ESA committees and panels.



Contact details:

As an Honorary Research Fellow I continue to promote SAMS in the national and international marine and polar science arenas through my membership of intergovernmental and UKRI committees.

My research interests fall into three categories:

1 - Autonomous instrumentation for sea- and land-ice and oceanographic studies

2 - Satellite communications for remote data collection

3 - Sub-sea communications cables for climate change monitoring and disaster warning

I am a recipient of the Polar Medal, with Arctic and Antarctic clasp

Here are some highlight publications spanning my career:

Robin, G de Q, Drewry, D J and Meldrum, D T, 1977.  International Studies of Ice Sheet and Bedrock.  Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B. 279, pp 185‑196.

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