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I have a background as a physical chemist, however, in carrying out this PhD I hope to be able to soon call myself a chemical oceanographer or marine biogeochemist.

At present, in the initial stages of my PhD, I have a lot to learn about the ocean currents, systems and processes. I will apply my chemistry knowledge to be able to further our understanding of the biological carbon pump in the North Atlantic Ocean and how this might be impacted by climate change.

Prior to starting these studies, I had a career in science publishing and as a science writer.

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Quantifying carbon uptake in the North Atlantic Ocean using Biogeochemical Argo floats

Our oceans act as a carbon sink, sequestering up to 25% of anthropogenic carbon emissions which mitigates climate change. The North Atlantic is disproportionately important for anthropogenic carbon uptake and also hosts a very large ‘natural’ carbon cycle driven by both biological and physical processes.

The aim of this PhD is to use data from biogeochemical Argo floats to investigate the biological carbon pump in the North Atlantic. This pump plays a role in the sequestration of carbon from our atmosphere into the deep ocean. It is important to gain further understanding of this role now, and how this will be impacted by climate change.

To achieve this, I will use my chemistry background and develop an understanding of ocean systems to delve into the complex biogeochemical processes occurring in the North Atlantic. Throughout my research, I hope to use my experience as a science writer to be able to communicate progress and effectively highlight my findings.

The project is affiliated with the international trans-Atlantic C-Streams project: C-Streams | The Gulf Stream control of the North Atlantic carbon sink.


Dr Robyn Tuerena: SAMS

Dr Clare Johnson: SAMS

Professor Stuart Cunningham: SAMS

Shaun Fraser: SAMS

Peter Brown, NOC Southampton

Richard Williams, University of Liverpool


UHI PhD Studentship

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Prior to starting this PhD. Alice had a career in science publishing and has over five years experience as a science writer.


2009 - MSci Chemistry - UCL