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PhD student

I am a computer scientist with a background in software development and machine learning. I am interested in the ways in which emerging technologies can be used to achieve a greater understanding of the world we live in and make that information more accessible. I have a background in teaching and worked for many years as a lecturer in Computing at Moray College UHI. I will be researching how neural networks can be used to classify images of phytoplankton and how machine learning techniques can be used to predict and warn us about harmful algal blooms.

In my spare time I like to write and have recently completed a degree in Creative Writing with the UHI. I am fascinated by the intersection of art and technology and how they can complement one another.

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Artificial intelligence based image analysis to address the risk from marine harmful algal blooms

The project will look at how high resolution phytoplankton image data generated by Imaging Flow CytoBots can be used to provide early warnings of harmful algal blooms (HAB) and how data generated can aid in the interpretation of influence of environmental drivers on HAB developments.

The project will address four challenges:

1) Achieving the 1st routine UK IFCB operation
2) Neural network based IFCB image classification to discriminate and enumerate different phytoplankton species
3) Development of an online dashboard to produce new methods to display HAB data for easy interpretation by stakeholders
4) Application of data analysis approaches to improve risk assessment and ecological understanding

The project will utilise various artificial intelligence based modelling approaches to study the relationship between environmental factors and phytoplankton abundance. It is hoped that these machine learning models may be more capable of representing the complex factors that promote HAB formation than deterministic approaches.


Start date: August 2022



Prof Keith Davidson - SAMS



A collaboration between SAMS, the Shetland-UHI, Marine Scotland Science and the University of Edinburgh with funding from Scottish Government and the Data Lab.



University of the Highlands and Islands


Teaching experience

I have worked as a Lecturer in Computing and Digital Media at Moray College UHI for thirteen years, specialising in software development, web technologies and computer game design.



2009 - 2022 - Lecturer - Moray College UHI

2014 - 2017 - Qualification Development Team - Unit Writer/Assessment Writer – Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

2004 - 2006  - Product Manager - Plantech Ltd.


Higher Education

2022 - BA Creative Writing in the Highlands and Islands, UHI

2011 - TQFE Teaching Qualification in Further Education, University of Dundee

2004 - MSc Internet Technologies, University of Luton

2002 - MA Philosophy, University of Sussex

2000 - BA (Hons) - 1st Philosophy, University of Sussex